NAD Bows Revised Version of Mini-Amp

NAD has revised the amp section and added a cool new feature to the D 3020 V2 DAC-amp, the second version of the modern version of the legendary analog 3020 stereo integrated amp.

The new amp runs cooler and more efficient. The cool new feature is a phono preamp, added to the existing PC-USB, digital optical, and analog inputs. There is also a preamp output, making this little DAC-amp a potential mate for a beefier power amp, though NAD prides itself on how much noise this 30-watt stereo amp can make all by itself.

Price is reduced from the original D 3020's $499 to $399, shipping now.

Also shown at the Lenbrook exhibit were second-generation PSB headphones exemplifying designer Paul Barton's conviction that the sound of the room, a key factor in music mixing, should not be divorced from headphone listening.