Make Room for Roomie Remote on Your iPhone

How would you like to have an instant home theater/home automation system just by downloading an app? That’s essentially the situation with Roomie Remote, an iOS app (with an iOS7 update coming in the next couple of days) that, according to the company is “the last remote you’ll ever need.”

The app automatically discovers IP-enabled components on your home’s network, and auto-configures the graphical user interface (GUI) specifically for control of those devices. Non-IP-enabled components, can be controlled via IR or serial protocols using iTach Flex adapters from Global Cache.

Roomie Remote includes built-in integration of for both Sonos and iTunes/AirPlay. In addition, Roomie Remote displays a personalized TV Guide. Although the app is virtually plug-and-play, installers and end-users who are interested in tailoring the Roomie’s operation can extensively customize how it operates.

The Roomie app is available in Apple’s App Store for $9.95. (Yes, that’s right. What could potentially be a full-blown AV and automation system controller for under 10 bucks!) Global Cache adapters are available on Roomie Remote’s website starting at $85.