LG and Mr. Mark Levinson

LG showed a whole range of audio systems (upscale home theaters in a box) voiced by Mark Levinson. That's Mark Levinson the man (in LG's terminology, Mr. Mark Levinson), not the company which uses his name (he has not been associated with that company for many years).

The system shown here is a prototype, so few details, and definitely no pricing or shipping dates were given. But LG devoted a relatively large booth room to the demo, so it is most certainly a work in progress. It sounded pleasant at low levels with multichannel music videos from a Dolby TrueHD demo disc, but I'd like to hear it at more realistic sound levels, with a wide range of sources. Someday, perhaps.

I Dont Trust Mr. Mark Levinson's picture

This system will most likely be another failure if Mark is involved in it. He seems to have a way of sucking the life out of any project. His own greed and ego are so large they create an unfillable void. LG is using him for his mistaken "brand identity crisis". I'm sure their lawyers wouldn't roll over to Harman lawyers if push came to shove. Would love to see Mark back in court for any reason. Well more specifically, about 80,000 reasons. It's funny reading internet court documents where even when faced with the facts Mark tries to blame it on others.I spoke with the homeowners in Naples Mark. I know who messed up the Cello deal, and it wasn't Bob. It was you, you loser! I recently purchased a PII amp. Funny how my records show me having paid for that same serial number once already. Oh wait, you never delivered any of the promised equipment after me paying you 80,000.00 in cash. I'll be letting the IRS know that my loss was in fact your gain. Well Redrose, since

Stephen's picture

One of the most slippery fish in the HiFi industry.Listen Mark no one takes you opinion seriously anymore! You spent years sucking the marrow out of unsuspecting buyers, when did you appoint yourself the industry watchdog?!