JVC HD-56FN97 RPTV: Coming Attraction

  • $4,199
  • 56" three-chip HD-ILA
  • 1920x1080
  • Key Connections: Dual HDMI, component and IEEE 1394 inputs
Features We Like Three-chip design with native 1080p resolution, dynamic iris for deep blacks, 5-Point Color Management, Dynamic Gamma Correction Circuitry

JVC's LCoS-based HD-ILA technology has always provided seamless, natural images that belied their digital origins. We're talking three-chips, high fill factor and full 1080p resolution. HD-ILA's single drawback has always been high-ish black levels that rob the set of snap and contrast, especially with movies. And with this new generation of sets JVC is employing a dynamic iris system to deepen the blacks and get that contrast ratio. If they accomplish that, Sony's SXRD sets have a serious rival.