HP md5880 RPTV

  • $3,499
  • 58" single-chip DLP (wobulator)
  • 1920x1080
  • Key Connections: Dual HDMI and component inputs, VGA computer input
Features We Like: DynamicBlack feature sounds like a dynamic iris system for improved blacks, CableCARD and Over-The-Air HD tuners

Features We Miss: No IEEE 1394 inputs, three-chip designs with native 1080p pixel counts coming to market soon in same price range

At A Glance: Although "wobulating" sounds like something that happens after a few too many cocktails, it actually refers to an ingenious technology that allows a 960x1080 DLP chip to shift pixels horizontally, very fast, in order to put a full 1920x1080 pixels on screen. HP is known for computers, but this TV caught our attention with a detailed but natural looking image that looked seamless from a proper viewing distance. And unlike many digital displays, the blacks and shadow detail passed even our torture test scenes making it a solid choice for movie watchers. HP ain't just a computer company any more!