High Performance Luxul Routers and Access Points

Network Solutions company Luxul has brought technology from their commercial routers and access points to a line for custom installers. For people who are streaming multiple high definition videos to a high-end home theater, Luxul’s new high powered routers and access points may be what you need. These performance network devices can reliably stream large bandwidths needed for 2K and 4K video. The XWR-1750 AC Wi-Fi router sends data on dual bands --2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz. When paired with Luxul’s XAP-1500 access point, it can relay a WiFi stream, that delivers up to 900 mbps to multiple devices.

As a comparison, most consumer 802.11 AC routers can stream up to 900 mbps from the router, but will lose signal strength to the point that the bandwidth has been reduced to 20 mbps by the time it reaches the streaming media player. The Luxul access point eschews the ugly black box design from other manufacturers. Designed like a flat white flying-saucer-like disc, it can be attached to a ceiling or wall.

To get one of these high powered high performance networking devices, you’ll have to hire an installer to put in the Luxul devices as they are not available in retail or online.