Google Assistant Voice Control Comes to DISH Receivers

While DISH is conspicuously absent from CES 2018, Google is showing off the upcoming integration of Google Voice and DISH receivers. In the coming months Google Voice will be able to control a DISH Hopper, Wally (single tuner receiver) and Joey (secondary room device). Google Assistant is just one of the ways a DISH receiver can be controlled by voice as it joins last year’s release of Alexa control and a new DISH voice remote control. DISH is labeling the experience “Hands-Free TV.”

Users will be able to use a Google Home or Google Assistant on Android or iPhones. Voice commands allow users to navigate the menu, control playback—play, pause, fast-forward, rewind— as well as search for programming based on channel, title, actor and genre. Commands include “Search for Bruce Willis movies,” “Search for home improvement shows,” “Go to the History Chanel,” “Tune to channel 261,” “Rewind 30 seconds,” “Play This is Us.