GoldenEar Stages Superb In-Wall Surround Demo

Year after year GoldenEar manages to get great results in its show demos, and this year was no exception. The new product being introduced here was the Invisa Signature Point Source in-wall speaker ($999 each), visible here at the left, right, and center (for center use, the tweeter is simply rotated 90-degrees). Since this was a prefab sound room, these front speakers were installed in the simulated walls visible in the picture.

The system also included a Trinnov surround processor (by far the most expensive component in the system), an Oppo Blu-ray player, two Parasound 5-channel amplifiers, and a Pass amp for the floor-standing Signatures that were at the ready for those who requested to hear them—though they weren’t used in the surround demos.

The front speakers were supplemented by a pair of Super Sub X’s and other GoldenEar models for the two surrounds and four ceiling Atmos speakers. The total price for the speaker package was $8500. The result was superb, both on movies and music, the latter from 2-channel material played back to great effect using simulated Atmos (now called Dolby Surround—not related to the Dolby Surround of pre-Dolby Digital home theater.