GoldenEar Unveils New Triton Reference Flagship

The Triton Reference is GoldenEar Technology's new flagship speaker, nudging aside the Triton One for the top slot.

All main components are new, starting with the Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, which has 50 percent more rare-earth neodymium in its magnet. Below it are two midrange/upper-bass drivers and two six- by ten-inch active woofers. On each side is a pair of 9.5- by 10.5-inch infrasonic radiators. Other new stuff includes new wiring, damping material, bracing, and a 3/32-inch steel plate built into the medite base for stability.

The speaker is rated flat to 20 Hz with highs extending to 35 kHz (though we haven't measured it yet). Sensitivity of 93.25 dB should make it easy for most amps to drive. The massive Pass amps pictured obviously had no trouble. However, this is a speaker capable of incandescent realism and the quality of amplification matters (the Passes had no trouble on that score either).

The Triton Reference ships in spring 2017 for $4249/each.

dmineard's picture

I have listened to the Triton Ones several times, excellent speakers. Can't wait to hear the Reference speakers. That is quite a bump in price and puts it into the high end price range.