Gamer geared LCD’s from Sharp

Sharp showed two new LCD sets – 32 (LC-32GP1U, $1,700) and 37-inch (LC-37GP1U, $2,000) – specifically designed towards gamers. Called the Game Players Series, they employ Sharp’s Vyper Drive that reduces visual lag time from console to screen to “imperceptible levels.” A Game Mode button enables the new expanded side terminals (including HDMI and component) for quick change between regular television duties and games. As with all the new Sharp LCD’s, these have a 120 hertz refresh that clears up a lot of the motion blur issues inherent to LCD’s. Oh yeah, it’s also 1080p.

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Although this is a old blog entry, I can across it and should note that the Sharp LC-32GP1U and LC-37GP1U do not have 120hz. While these LCDs do reduce input lag to imperceptable levels, it DOES NOT reduce motion blur even with its 6ms response. This LCD needs 120hz and 4ms response which unfortunately for the cost I paid does not.

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The Sharp LC-32GP1U HDTV resolves every detail of 1080i and 1080p sources; delivers relatively deep black levels; slick design; excellent connectivity with one DVI and three HDMI inputs.Phonics

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