Crystal Does Bars and Wireless Speakers

You're actually looking at two separate products from Crystal Acoustics, with two Cuby wireless speakers flanking a Teevy soundbar. The key technologies here, both of which are licensed to other manufacturers, are WiSound, a balanced acoustic approach, and WirelessMultiroom, which allows up to eight of the wireless speakers and bars to commune wirelessly with your favorite mobile device. WiSound has the cubic active speakers firing from front, sides, and top to balance room reflections in a patented process that involved 10,000 measurements (in R&D, not your livingroom). Pricing includes $399 for the Teevy 5 and $499 for the larger Teevy 9; and $399 for the Cubey 5 and $499 for the larger Cubey 9. All shipping in February in the U.S. and already available in Europe.