Blu-ray Software Outpaces HD DVD

Sales of Blu-ray titles have decisively pulled ahead of HD DVD sales. Nielsen VideoScan figures for the week ended February 18 gave Blu-ray a 65 percent share of the market. HD DVD had been faster out of the gate and had maintained its initial sales lead throughout most of 2006. But Blu-ray made its move shortly after Christmas, buoyed by sales of Sony PlayStation3 game consoles. Blu-ray also has more titles print, at 179 vs. 163, though that's a pittance compared to regular DVD and several video download services. The format war is still on and both formats are still struggling for survival. Progress has come in the form of combi players and lower hardware prices. Chin up, high-def disc lovers.

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Let me see, I held off at first due to the price of both the HD/DVD and the Sony. Then there is the cost of the discs. I don't own any video games. Current standard movies are as low as five bucks to purchase. Yes it will simply prolong the war, keep many from entering the market, and still shake out in the end like the Beta/VHS format war. It will just be a more costly war.

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