Blu-ray On Day 1

Late Thursday I made it over to Sony's Blu-ray demo theater display, where I was treated to the most extensive Blu-ray demo I've yet seen. Sony had a demo BD that was put together to show off not only clips from many popular films (Spider-Man 2, Chronicles of Narnia and the digitally animated Chicken Little among others) but also the first look at BD's dynamic interactivity.

The theater demo was powered by Sony's 1080p VPL-VW100 SXRD front projector and a surround sound system array of Wilson WATT Puppy 7 loudspeakers and (suprisingly) a Sony AV receiver. (I would have provided a picture of the theater demo but the lighting was such that I couldn't get a clear shot, poor photographer that I am!)

The pictures varied from merely excellent to spectacular, and the demo featured the first honest split screen demo between HD and standard definition that I've seen anywhere.

Another big Blu-ray demo is coming after hours Friday, so look for a Blog on that one early Saturday.