Audio-Technica Gets Fit With New SonicSport Lineup

It seems that every single company is coming out with a new fitness product. Fit is in - who knew? Audio-Technica has had an impressive selection in the past, but these new SonicSport earphones are certainly up for a long day at the gym, track or in the saddle.

All four of the new SonicSport earphones are sweatproof and washable, with an IPX5 rating. What is most exciting for me is the included eartips. We all know that a tight seal within the ear canal will produce the best sound quality and deepest bass. However, with active earphones designed to be used outdoors, completely sealing out external ambient noise can be downright dangerous. The SonicSports all come with ridged eartips that fits securely but still let in ambient noise making these ideal for jogging, riding, or just being able to hear traffic around you when you’re walking to the store. Three sizes of the ridged eartips are included.

The ATH-SPORT1 and 1iS ($34 and $40, respectively) have a solid hook that pivots to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit. The ATH-SPORT1iS has smartphone connectivity. The ATH-SPORT2 ($40) is a smaller in-ear design that fits in the hollow of the ear for a good fit even while jogging. My favorite, however, is the ATH-SPORT3 (MSRP $60). It features 10 mm drivers for a really nice sound. However, instead of either a loose cable or a solid earhook, the ATH-SPORT3 has a flexible yet rigid memory cable for a truly custom fit - you can change it based on whatever your activity is that day. Wrap it tight for a run and keep it loose for a stroll.

They all come in a bright array of colors, including some vibrant combinations such as yellow with pink, or navy with yellow accents. The models will all be available in the spring of this year.