70-Inches Of LCD Flat Panel Love

Sony never does anything small at CES, and wowed the gathered press with a introduction and demonstration of a 70" BRAVIA LCD flat panel- the KDL-70XBR3. Yep- a 70" LCD flat panel.

Bigger isn't often better in flat panels, but Sony claims that this panel boasts the fastest response time of any of its LCDs due to its LED backlighting. LED backlighting is said to offer a wider color gamut and better blacks and contrast in addition to the improved response time. The set will also be one of many Sony products offering x.v. Color, which is reference to a new international color standard called xvYCC that is said to offer a broader color space and will be used in cameras, sources and displays.

Pricing is even more grand than we might have expected- the KDL-70XBR3 will be available in February for a cool $33K. Tell your kids that Junior College is starting to look pretty good.