2012 Editors’ Choice Awards Page 8


Dish Hopper/Joey multiroom DVR

(September 2012)

We suspected that Dish Network’s new Hopper/Joey multiroom satellite TV/DVR system might be something special when its CEO appeared at the 2012 Consumer Electronics show cuddling a live baby kangaroo. Turned out we were right. The cutting-edge feature set found on DISH’s new hardware held so much appeal that long-time Time-Warner subscriber John Sciacca found it a no-brainer to finally cut his cable in favor of satellite after testing it.

The Hopper DVR’s 2-terabyte hard drive can store 2,000 hours of video and its 3 tuners provide plenty of recording flexibility for a multi-viewer household. Adding Joey clients — a compact box that can be stowed away inobtrusively on the back of a flat-panel TV — lets you stream recordings contained on the Hopper to each TV in your house. There are plenty of other praise-worthy features — PrimeTime Anytime, which records the entire daily slate of network primetime shows for you to pick and choose from, and the commercial-skipping AutoHop — but we’ll wrap up by simply reiterating John’s claim that using DISH’s latest system is “like rediscovering how awesome DVR technology is all over again.”