2012 Editors’ Choice Awards Page 17


JVC DLA-X90R Projector

(Feb/March 2012)

Like many other projector companies, JVC comes out with new models every year, so at this point the DLA-X90R, which arrived in late 2011, has pretty much been superseded. But we need to give props where props are due. The DLA-X90R is one of the first JVC projectors to offer e-Shift, a tech that “wobulates” the pixels on its 1080p D-ILA display chips to bump apparent resolution up to 4K (or “Ultra HD”). It’s also THX 3D Certified and provides 3 lens memory settings so you can easily switch between 16x9 and 21x9 modes when using an ultra-wide 2.35:1 screen.

Geoff Morrison wasn’t exactly blown away by the DLA-X90R’s e-Shift feature; he mostly found it useful for situations where you’d want to use a larger than normal screen but also avoid seeing pixel structure in the image. What did impress him was the projector’s excellent native contrast ratio, which resulted in “stunning” picture quality on everything from movies to TV to Xbox 360 games. With 3D, Geoff noted a slight degree of crosstalk, but overall found the JVC’s performance in that mode “compelling.” At $12,000, the DLA-X90R isn’t cheap, but its world-class contrast allows it to “create some of the best-quality images possible in your home.”