2012 Editors’ Choice Awards Page 14


Polk LSM-707 Speaker System

(June/July/August 2012)

Sound+Vision waited a long time to get our hands on Polk Audio’s flagship LSiM speaker system. As it turned out, the wait was worth it. Based around the company’s majestic LSiM707 tower, the system we tested also included a LSiM706c center, a pair of LSiM702 F/X surrounds, and a pair of DSW microPRO 3000 subwoofers. Total system price was $9,600, but since our review determined that the LSiM707 towers emit enough bass to eliminate the need for subs, you can slash that number down to $6,700.

Noting at the outset that the Polk towers did not “sound like big speakers” (a statement meant as praise), Daniel Kumin went on to cite their ability to produce “focused, beautifully detailed, timbrally honest music.” As for movies, he found that the center channel could sound a bit bassy with male voices, but that Polk’s dual-face, forward-radiating surrounds “sounded smooth and non-localized to a degree that I had thought only dipoles capable.” More interesting for those who like to push their system’s limits, Daniel lauded the Polks’ ability to “play movie sound many decibels beyond ‘reference level’ with no hint of stress.” How loud is that? Louder than you should reasonably expect from a system priced under $10K.