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Seth_priebatschMOG has indeed announced that it will be the first music-streamin

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Maybe not exactly ever, but it sure seemed that way. After all, unlike recent "keynotes" at the SXSW Music Festival - which have tended to be mere Q&As with an onstage interviewer - Bob Geldof's talk this morning was an actual keynote speech. And an enthralling one at that.

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Why does Jake Gyllenhaal suddenly find himself on a commuter train headed to Chicago? And why is Michelle Monaghan so interested in him?

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Ape House
Music ••••½ Sound ••••

Funny thing about this 1986 album: Despite its Pepper-y production by Todd Rundgren, it has always sounded . . . what, exactly? Thin?

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"I was born in Budapest in 1919 into a music-loving family."

So begins George Jellinek's own account of his musical life, as it appeared in the January 1976 issue of our predecessor, Stereo Review - a magazine for which he wrote from 1958 to 1999.

As we noted in "Feedback" in our June/July/August 2010 issue, we are indeed sad to report the death in January of a man who covered classical music for this magazine for 41 years.

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The Bally, Liverpool, September 19, 1962. Baby, you can drive . . . well, maybe not. (Photo © Apple Corps. Ltd. 2009)

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It was clear that The Beatles: Rock Band had fully captivated the imagination of my son Paul when - after hours and hours of playing the new videogame - we all needed to actually take a break and get something to eat.

Heading out the door, I said, "I'll drive."

"No, I'll drive," said Paul, walking over to his car instead.