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Ken Richardson  |  Apr 29, 2011  |  1 comments

Loved that little ceremony? Loved the music even more?

It's online right now.

According to a press release, The Royal Wedding: The Official Album is ready for purchase from "the world's foremost download and streaming platforms."

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At the Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, New Jersey, I got two of the Record Store Day exclusives, both EPs:

• The Decemberists: Live at Bull Moose (CD)

• Kate Bush: Hounds of Love (10-inch pink-marble vinyl)

In addition, I found these:

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[UPDATE: This year's event is over now, but the RSD Web site remains active all year.]

Since this is the fourth annual Record Store Day, you should know what to do: Go to your local store and buy lotsa "records," be they vinyl LPs, CDs, or whatever else your shop happens to carry.

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Another major aftershock has hit Japan - which, again, hits home the fact that the country needs our help.

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(Photo by David M. Bennett)

Couldn't resist sharing this photo with everyone.

It's Thom indeed, hawking The Universal Sigh in England.

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Behold this mighty box indeed. (Click on image for larger view.)

It's a Limited Edition Gift Set of 100,000 copies, and here's what you get:

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The iPad is cool for a lot of things, but does it work for music? Various opinions came from the SXSW Music Festival, and together they're an interesting follow-up to Michael Berk's earlier post here on the concept of the iPad Album.

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Back in NYC - after 9 days and nights of SXSW Music, Film, and Interactive in Austin, Texas - I finally have time to mull over the 21 acts I managed to see during the music portion of the festival.

That perfect 21 might suggest that I had a lucky hand at SXSW this year. But as is the case every year, I heard much that was good and some that was . . . not.

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In her latest film, director/co-star Jodie Foster has Mel Gibson speaking almost exclusively in a Cockney accent - the "voice" of a beaver puppet.

Is this the recipe for a train wreck?