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The granddaddy of fixed-pixel technologies, LCDs first appeared in pocket calculators in the early 1970s. LCD technology is amazingly versatile, able to power front projectors, rear-projection TVs, and flat-panel displays.

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The screen at your local movie theater is obviously a lot larger than the specialty screens used in home theaters, but they actually have a lot in common. The main difference is perforation. The screens in almost every movie theater have the front left, center, and right speakers behind them, along with a few subwoofers.

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As anyone who has ever fallen asleep in front of Leno can tell you, watching a small, bright television from across a dark room can cause headaches. One of the best ways to alleviate this is to reduce the brightness difference between the screen and the rest of your field of vision.

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Unlike an iPod or a cellphone, an HDTV includes numerous and sometimes very advanced adjustments that can directly improve its performance. Using those controls properly can have more impact on picture quality than any other factor.

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When a plasma TV isn't displaying an image, the stuff behind the name is just an inert gas - usually a mixture of neon and xenon - but it's a big part of what allows these TVs to measure just 3 to 6 inches thick.

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With its deep, inky blacks and sharp detail, this HDTV excels in most areas of picture quality.
Things change fast in the world of HDTV.