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Dish ViP622 HD DVR

January 9, 2007 - At consecutive press conferences on Monday, Dish Network announced the first free high-definition DVR and DirecTV promised delivery of 100 national HD channels this year.

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Finally! The studios have wised up and realized that if they don't offer movies as electronic bits you can legally download and watch whenever you like, savvy computer users will get them anyway.

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Blockbuster, Netflix, and on-demand cable are among the expanding number of ways to rent movies. One of the latest is MovieBeam, a jukebox for your home theater that self-stocks via an off-air antenna.

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•Records 720p-format (1,280 x 720-pixel, progressive-scan) high-def video onto an SD card (not included) •Shoots 5-megapixel stills with flash •2.25-in (diagonal) organic-LED screen •10x
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Cable viewers who also want their HDTV have found their love affair with TiVo becoming strained the past few years. That's because TiVo's Series 2 recorders, unlike the DVRs leased by cable operators, have proved stubbornly incompatible with high-def channels. Hoping to make amends, TiVo has unveiled the Series 3 HD Digital Media Recorder with two CableCARD slots.