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When the technical specifications of a new but humdrum TV fail to come up to snuff, the model almost certainly will be priced less than the one with better resolution, faster processing, more connections, and so on. Whether it’s manufacturer or retailer, nobody interested in making a buck will promote the TV as “nothing special”—even if that’s exactly what it is. Sellers will likely spin the spec as “great value.” But not always.
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So desperate are the networks to keep you cuffed to their shows that they’ve been launching apps for the second screen. Made for the tablets and smartphones to which viewers’ eyes keep darting—often at the expense of the TV screen—these apps are intended to boost fan loyalty.
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Ever seen a TV set disco? Retailers see TVs dance off the shelves two or three times a year as manufacturers refresh their lines.

Welcome to the secret language of consumer electronics (CE) retailing. To the public, a set that discos should be mounted on a turntable so that the screen can be swung around by viewing partners from opposite directions. But to those who sell TVs, the term is shorthand for discontinued.

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The Short Form
$750 / TIVOLIAUDIO.COM / 866-848-6544
The Short Form
$499 / ZEEVEE.COM / 877-493-3833
The Short Form
$119.95; additional i2i One Pack, $69.95; USB AC power plug adapter charger, $9.95; Home Stereo Adapter Kit, $12.95 / i2igear.com / 650-967-
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Roku Netflix Player 320303002088 Roku Netflix Player Until now, there have been plenty of reasons why Internet-delivered movie services have barely made a dent in public awareness: not enough titles, too many restr
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Music Box Theater 97855048929 Longitech 930000033 Ever since the first digital media receiver delivered music from a computer to a stereo system over a home network, it's been a challenge to figure out where to
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TV addicts have been time-shifting since the analog days of the VCR, but ask them if they know how to place-shift, and you're likely to get blank stares.

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With a digital video recorder, you're master of the HDTV universe today, but brought to your knees tomorrow when your DVR fills up and automatically deletes the penultimate episode of Dancing with the Stars before you've witnessed the duel play-out.