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Atlantic Technology announced two new subs at CEDIA Expo 2018, one of which is quite the bruiser.
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LG didn't introduce anything truly new at CEDIA but an ongoing demo of its CineBeam HU80KA portable 4K laser projector caught my interest...
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Fibbr launched two fiber-optic cables at CEDIA Expo 2018: One is nearly transparent, making it ideal for inconspicuous installations, the other is 8K-ready.
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Epson is showcasing its new Enhanced 4K Pro Cinema 4050 LCD projector here at CEDIA Expo 2018. It’s said to offer, compared to earlier Epsons, improved brightness, higher contrast, better HDR, and a newly optimized 4K pixel shift. It’s claimed to provide 2400 lumens of peak brightness (presumably in the High lamp setting), a contrast ratio of 200,000:1, and 100% coverage of P3 color.
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We don’t often give much love to projectors most people might consider, instead concentrating on models ranging from $2000 up—mostly up...
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If you watch any home improvement shows on television, or speak with an interior designer, they appear to find a television a nuisance that compromises their artistic vision. But we all know a television has to go somewhere, and that’s often over the fireplace—about the worst position possible.
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GoldenEar Technology offered a sneak peek of the compact stand-mount DigitalAktiv3, a wireless speaker based on the WiSA standard that looks to be right track for today’s market.
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Most audiophiles (and I am one) prefer a listening chair that doesn’t rise above their head, thereby blocking reflections from the rear wall. Home theater can be the same, but home theater enthusiasts (I’m one of those, too) are a bit more casual, and would prefer to watch a movie flat out in a favorite recliner, oblivious to their head being blocked from the rear...
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As mentioned in another post, Samsung not only showed a new 8K, flat screen LCD TV but plans on it actually being available soon. In the US it will be offered only in an 85-inch size, though other sizes, down to 65-inches, will be available elsewhere...
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Digital Projection International (DPI) isn’t mentioned often in our pages except at shows, perhaps because its product lineup is bewilderingly varied, or perhaps because most of its offerings are priced in the “If you have to ask” category.

Take the Insight Laser 8K 3-chip DLP shown here...