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HT Staff  |  Dec 25, 2001  |  0 comments
Big speaker boxes are the bane of interior decorators. They've been battling with audiophiles for decades. Home theater, with its reliance on huge powered subwoofers to create realistic bass, has expanded the war.
HT Staff  |  Dec 17, 2001  |  0 comments
Lightweight video projectors are the hottest tickets in home theater. Marantz has taken the concept to a new level of performance with the HDTV-ready VP-12S1.
HT Staff  |  Dec 17, 2001  |  0 comments
Is your video system installed in a small room? If so, you've probably wrestled with the problem of generating great bass without crowding yourself out.
HT Staff  |  Dec 08, 2001  |  0 comments
Do you like making movies with a digital camcorder? Want to add some professional touches to your creations? ATI Technologies has the solution for you.
HT Staff  |  Dec 07, 2001  |  0 comments
Many home theater enthusiasts prefer separate components rather than all-in-one receivers. Rotel's RSP-985 is designed with this market in mind.
HT Staff  |  Nov 22, 2001  |  0 comments
Many home theater fans have multiple systems---a serious home theater, perhaps a dedicated music room, and often, a multi-zone audio system that provides background music throughout the house.
HT Staff  |  Nov 21, 2001  |  0 comments
Bundled speaker systems are great solutions for folks just getting into home theater or looking to put together a secondary system in a small room. Boston Acoustics has just this market in mind with its new System 9000II, a five-channel-plus-subwoofer package that retails for right around a thousand bucks.
HT Staff  |  Nov 20, 2001  |  0 comments
Long recognized as a high-value brand, Marantz has recently introduced four new SR-series home theater receivers with higher output power and more options than preceding models. All are ruggedly built, with strong internal bracing and metal alloy faceplates.
HT Staff  |  Nov 17, 2001  |  0 comments
Just a few months after officially becoming part of legendary audio manufacturer Klipsch Audio Technologies, Mondial Designs has produced several new Aragon-brand amplifiers and one new preamp/processor---all of them THX® Ultra certification.
HT Staff  |  Nov 14, 2001  |  0 comments
Home theater continues to be one of the electronics industry's fastest-growing segments, and within it, affordable systems are one of the fastest growing sub-segments.