Barry Willis

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<A HREF="">EchoStar Communications Corporation</A>'s long campaign to acquire competitor <A HREF="">DirecTV Inc.</A> is finally over.

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The American transition to digital television may be bogged down, but eventually it will reach critical mass. That's the view of NHK president Katsuji Ebisawa.

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Flatscreens are getting bigger and better.

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<A HREF="">Runco International</A> has introduced two new widescreen flat-panel plasma monitors. Both are 16:9 units offering true high-definition performance, supporting 720p in its native resolution.

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Sometimes, bigger is better, especially when it comes to liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

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Soon, <A HREF="">Dolby</A> won't be the only option for surround-sound processing in digital television broadcasting. <A HREF="">Digital Theater Systems</A> (DTS) will also have a place in the format, thanks to a recent agreement with the <A HREF="">Digital Video Broadcasting project</A>. The DVB is a technical consortium of more than 300 companies, established to create common international specifications for the transition from analog to digital broadcasting.

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Just in time for the holidays department: On November 13, <A HREF="">Sharp Electronics</A> announced steep price cuts and attractive rebates for its AQUOS series of liquid crystal television sets, including its widescreen 22" and 30" models.

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Everything seems to be roses and lollipops for <A HREF="">TiVo</A> and <A HREF="">SonicBlue</A>, maker of ReplayTV devices. The Silicon Valley rivals are allies now that they've decided to put their time and money into promoting digital video recorders (DVRs) rather than fighting each other.

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Is the movie industry on the verge of losing control of its own products?

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Opposition from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wasn't enough to keep EchoStar and Hughes Electronics' DirecTV from seeking a merger, but a lawsuit launched by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) may be.