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A soon-to-be-introduced bill in the US House of Representatives could severely alter the legality of behavior so commonplace that most Americans take it for granted.

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<A HREF="">Thomson Multimedia</A> announced July 12 that it has joined the Motion Picture Engineering Group Licensing Authority's (MPEG LA) LLC MPEG-2 patent pool as of July 1. The MPEG LA LLC licensing program was launched in 1997 to assure the growth and interoperability of digital video by "providing fair, reasonable, non-discriminatory access to worldwide patent rights that are essential for the MPEG-2 Video and System standards," the announcement stated.

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It's obvious to anyone paying attention that consumers love flat-panel displays&mdash;those who are aware of them, that is. Unfortunately for the consumer electronics industry, only a small percentage of potential flat-panel purchasers are either aware of the devices or aware that prices have been steadily dropping while performance improves.

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John Frankenheimer, director of <I>The Manchurian Candidate</I> and <I>Birdman of Alcatraz</I>, died Saturday, July 6, of a stroke following spinal surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 72.

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Chalk up another one for the big guys. A San Antonio, TX judge has dismissed price-fixing <A HREF="">charges</A> brought by independent video dealers against video retail giant Blockbuster, Inc. and several Hollywood studios.

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Lucasfilm Ltd.'s THX division has been spun off as an independent company, according to an end of June announcement.

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A surprise announcement from the nation's second-largest consumer electronics retailer may put the decline of videotape into hurry-up mode.

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Size is definitely an advantage in commodity retailing. In an antitrust suit begun in mid-June, the7800-store chain <A HREF="">Blockbuster, Inc.</A>&mdash;the world's largest video retailer&mdash;admitted that it has an advantage over its smaller competitors, but claimed no wrongdoing in the process of negotiating favorable revenue-sharing deals with Hollywood studios.

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Want to succeed in business? Two proven suggestions: don't alienate your customers, and use new technology to your advantage.

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Long noted for its non-participation in the rollout of digital television, the cable industry is now making conciliatory noises about supporting the new format. But even with its support, the changeover from analog is going to take a long time, according to recent statements from Robert Sachs, president of the <A HREF="">National Cable Television Association</A> (NCTA).