Barry Willis

Barry Willis  |  Jun 15, 2003  |  0 comments

Personal video recorders(PVRs)—or digital video recorders (DVRs), as they are sometimes called—may not be as inevitable in most consumers' homes as some experts are predicting. The reasons? Try invasion of privacy and deletion of desirable features.

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Many folks here at the Westin–St. Francis expect Saturday to be the show's peak day. By 11am the halls were packed with music and movie fans. Home theater demos on several floors were rocking the building with attacking aircraft and exploding cars. "Guy stuff," sniffed one disdainful woman. All too true, but hey, it gets attention.

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The Westin–St. Francis has begun to fill with audiophiles and home theater fans eager to experience the best gear on the planet. They won't be disappointed.

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Home Entertainment Expo 2003 is off and running.

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Television viewers in Southern California are among the first in the US to receive high definition signals via cable.

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The <A HREF="">Federal Communications Commission</A> (FCC) will likely raise limits on ownership of television stations when it releases new regulatory proposals on Tuesday June 2, according to reports from Washington.

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Making good on promises it made last year, <A HREF="">Samsung SDI Company Ltd.</A> has announced the development of a 70-inich-diagonal, plasma-display panel (PDP) that it claims is the world's largest. The new display exceeds the previous size record for every kind of direct-view monitors, including cathode-ray tubes (CRTs) and liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

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Hackers will need more than computer skills to work around the self-destructing DVDs soon to be released by Walt Disney Company's Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

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Attempting to prevent a "movie Napster," the film industry has launched major legal assaults on makers of DVD copying software, charging that it violates the law by circumventing the format's copy-protection technology.

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"Stunning artifact-free picture quality" is the sort of promotional hype that always accompanies the release of any new video product. In the case of <A HREF="">V Inc.</A>'s new Bravo D1, it may be more than hot air. On May 9, the Fountain Valley, CA technology company announced the D1, described as the first DVD player equipped with MPEG-4 playback capability and a digital video interface. The D1 outputs both interlaced and progressive signals, and can scale its output to 480p/720p/1080i.