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<A HREF="">SIM2 USA, Inc.</A> has announced the addition of a second generation remote "DigiOptic" Image Processor (DOIP) to the new HT300 LINK DLP front projector to provide greater installation flexibility and a wider choice of inputs. The advanced technical solution is said to provide quality connections to video sources up to 1600 feet away.

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Direct broadcast satellite services <A HREF="">EchoStar</A> and <A HREF="">DirecTV</A> are expanding HDTV programming and hardware options for their subscribers. The news should help boost subscriber growth for both companies, whose combined viewers now total more than 20 million.

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The nation's biggest video rental chain and biggest movie club are reportedly discussing a merger. Blockbuster could join forces with Columbia House as a hedge against falling video rental revenue, according to mid-September reports in <I>The Wall Street Journal</I>, <I>The Hollywood Reporter</I>, and elsewhere.

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Set-top converter boxes (STBs) may eventually disappear, thanks to cable compatibility rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday, September 10. The rules ratify an agreement reached by cable companies and electronics makers late last year, and insure that new televisions will be able to connect directly to cable feeds nationwide without the need for an adaptive device.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has temporarily halted ownership transfers of broadcasting stations.

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Many home theater experts assert that a center channel loudspeaker belongs <I>behind</I> the screen&mdash;which is what commercial theaters do with them. Yet many acoustically-transparent perforated screens contribute moir&#233; interference to the image when used with fixed-pixel (LCD, DLP, and D-ILA) projectors.

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Railroads once defined the US transportation industry, but by the late 20th century, they were all but obsolete, having succumbed to competition from airlines and trucking companies. Television networks may be headed for a similar fate, having lost 18% of the summer audience to cable channels.

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Video-on-Demand (VOD), long one of the cable industry's holy grails, is increasingly becoming a reality.

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One of the electronics industry's dirty little secrets is that plasma display panels (PDPs) can exhibit all kinds of problems at higher altitudes. Home theater fans in places like Vail, CO (altitude 8500') have been plagued by buzzing noises and other strange behaviors when trying to enjoy films or television programs on PDPs.

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The numbers are up for Littleton, CO-based <A HREF="">EchoStar Communications</A>. The direct broadcast satellite service posted a $129 million profit on sales of $1.4 billion for the second quarter ended June 30. The company also added 270,000 new subscribers in the same period, for a total of 8.8 million subscribers.