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Most movie fans agree that earthshaking bass is an essential part of the home theater experience. They also agree that the presence of one or more high-powered subwoofers required to create it can cause severe fluctuations in domestic tranquility.

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It's expensive to acquire new satellite TV subscribers. Both DirecTV and EchoStar added hundreds of thousands of new subscribers in the most recent quarter, but both posted financial losses in the process.

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Pixar Animation Studios is flying high.

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The digital video recorder (DVR) is increasingly the pivot on which turns the decision to sign up with cable or a satellite service. It may also forever change the basic business structure of the broadcasting industry.

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Netflix ups rates: DVD rental firm Netflix Inc. will boost its monthly fees by 10.2%, effective mid-June. The news caused a 16.9% drop in the value of Netflix stock, which closed Friday April 16 at $30.75/share. The Los Gatos, CA–based operation reported a loss for the first fiscal quarter ended March 31 due to expensive TV advertising.

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Certain to be a hot topic at this week's convention of the <A HREF="">National Association of Broadcasters</A> (NAB) is a plan by federal regulators to shut off analog television transmission by 2009. The plan would return the analog spectrum to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for auction to wireless companies.

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Retailers on the rise: Best Buy and Circuit City, North America's largest and second-largest electronics chains, both reported surges in profits for the fourth fiscal quarter ended February 28. Best Buy's profits rose 51% to $469 million on strong sales of flat-panel TVs, digital cameras, and computers, while Circuit City posted a net income of $89.6 million, a 26% increase in profits over last year's fourth-quarter $70.9 million, after making cost-cutting efforts.

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Flat-panel displays are today's hottest technology and will be commonplace tomorrow. This unquestionable reality has prompted LG Philips LCD, Inc. to announce a $21.4 billion investment in a new production complex for the technology.

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<I><B>Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon</B> (68 minutes, 1942); <B>Sherlock Holmes Faces Death</B> (68 minutes, 1943); <B>Sherlock Holmes in Washington</B> (71 minutes, 1943). Directed by Roy William Neill. <B>Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror</B> (66 minutes, 1942). Directed by John Rawlings. Aspect ratio: 4:3. Monophonic. B&W MPI Home Video DVD7545, DVD7549, DVD7540, DVD7550. NR. $27.88 each.</I>

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Has DirecTV's campaign against signal theft crossed the line of legality? So claims a class-action lawsuit launched this month against the El Segundo, CA&ndash;based direct broadcast satellite service and parent company, Hughes Electronics.