Barry Willis

Barry Willis  |  Feb 16, 2003  |  0 comments

High definition video may be the Holy Grail for couch potatoes, but it's not good enough for the cinema. At least that's what members of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) concluded at a Hollywood technology retreat February 8.

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Telecommunications conglomerate SBC Communications may be next in line to attempt an acquisition of Hughes Electronics' DirecTV satellite television service, according to several reports the first week of February.

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Televised sports are one of the primary drivers of the digital television revolution.

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Last year, during <A HREF="">EchoStar Communications</A>&rsquo; prolonged and unsuccessful campaign to acquire Hughes Electronics&rsquo; DirecTV, EchoStar CEO Charlie Ergen promised that if the merger weren&rsquo;t approved, subscription fees would almost certainly increase.

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Cable customers have long complained about inexplicable, inflated fees on their monthly bills and requirements by cable suppliers that they rent set-top converter boxes and other equipment even when it wasn't needed or wanted.

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<A HREF="">ReplayTV</A> may have a strong following, but not enough strong followers to save it from a crushing load of debt.

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Warner Home Video president and DVD pioneer Warren Lieberfarb abruptly departed from the company Friday, December 20. No official reason for his resignation was given, but some industry insiders alluded to his dissatisfaction with upper management at media conglomerate AOL TimeWarner.

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Philips Electronics has thrown its weight behind "SmartRight," a digital content copy-protection technology developed by Thomson Multimedia, according to mid-December reports from Paris and Geneva. Originally called XCA, SmartRight is a smart-card&ndash;based technique that could allay Hollywood's fears about offering hit movies over the Internet or via high-definition broadcasts.

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New generations of television products should be easier to connect to cable systems and easier to use, as a result of an agreement signed Thursday, December 19, by cable providers and electronics manufacturers.

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One of HDTV's strongest supporters could pull away if an effective copy-protection system isn't in place by next year.