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Al Griffin Posted: Feb 03, 2007 0 comments

Color temperature (Theater Mode/Low Color Temperature preset): 20 IRE: 6,729/6,555 K 30 IRE: 6,717/6,593 K 40 IRE: 6,467/6,497 K 50 IRE: 6,303/6,258 K 60 IRE: 6,371/6,220 K 70 IRE: 6,503/6,411 K 80 IRE: 6,438//6,522 K 90 IRE: 6,372/6,370 K 100 IRE: 6,338/6,297 K

Brightness (100-IRE window): 36.7/32.9 ftL

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The Short Form
$399 / PANASONIC.COM / 888-843-9788
Key Features
• Edge-lit LED backlight
• 3D-capable (comes with two sets of active-shutter eyewear)t
• 3D conversion of 2D content
• Motionflow Pro 240 Hz display modes
• Streaming options include Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Pandora, Slacker, and Picasa
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Last year's lineup of Pioneer Kuro plasmas established a new benchmark for flat-panel HDTV performance, with the sets serving up deep-black backgrounds that were unlike anything we'd seen on a plasma or LCD model before - or since (See the review of the PRO-110FD in

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Al Griffin Posted: May 05, 2007 0 comments

Most folks shopping for a home theater receiver or amplifier are bound to have their eyes peeled for a single number: the power rating. Ideally, this spec will tell you how much juice a particular amp can deliver to a given set of speakers under normal conditions.

Al Griffin Posted: May 15, 2002 0 comments

My first brush with home theater was in a large, dedicated room equipped with a top-shelf cathode-ray-tube (CRT) front projector, a Faroudja video processor, a 100-inch (diagonal) screen, and a killer sound system. Subsequently, I've measured every home theater experience against that one, making me a tough customer to please.

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Al Griffin Posted: Nov 30, 2011 0 comments

Passive 3D and edge-lit- LED come together in Toshiba’s affordable TV. While other manufacturers of 3D TVs make the case for which is better — sets that use active- or passive-glasses technology — Toshiba’s long-term 3D strategy is to dump glasses altogether.

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What We Think
A solid-performing bigscreen HDTV that delivers crisp 1080p pictures at a great price.
When it comes to buzzwords, "HDTV" holds considerable cachet: its ve
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When Audioquest released its DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter back in 2012, the tiny USB-stick DAC quickly found a niche with audiophiles seeking to improve the sound quality of music played on their laptop computers and listened to via headphones or desktop speakers.

Al Griffin Posted: Jun 14, 2007 0 comments

Sanyo PLV-Z5

Color temperature (User Mode, Low 2 Color Temperature before/User Mode, Custom Color Temperature after calibration): 20 IRE: 6,369 / 6,800 K 30 IRE: 6,190 / 6,471 K 40 IRE: 6,257 / 6,421 K 50 IRE: 6,456 / 6,429 K 60 IRE: 6,468 / 6,515 K 70 IRE: 6,513 / 6,521 K 80 IRE: 6,521 / 6,516 K 90 IRE: 6,532 / 6,581 K 100 IRE: 6,909 / 6,864 K