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Geoffrey Morrison  |  Apr 17, 2006  |  4 comments
We are proud to announce the second new feature this month: Reader Galleries. Here you can post pictures of your theater, comment on other peoples, and more. Thanks to the people who posted over the weekend so we had a few theaters up there already. Go check it out!.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Jun 18, 2007  |  12 comments
Sony unveiled a slew of new TVs at their recent TV unveiling in NYC.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Mar 07, 2006  |  10 comments
Judging from the sheer number of comments I got on my last blog entry about Blu-ray, I’m beginning to suspect you don’t care about these next generation DVD formats. If so, why? Or if it’s just because ya’ll find me boring and aren’t reading my blog anymore, that is just fine with me. I can just talk to myself. I find myself very amusing. Ask anyone.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Dec 07, 2005  |  6 comments
I’m sure more that a few of you watch The Daily Show. If you don’t, I don’t care why not so don’t tell me. In case you missed it, Monday’s show had Jimmy Carter (yes, that Jimmy Carter). At one point he mentioned he had TiVo, and used it to record The Daily Show to watch during the day. I’m not sure what I found more fascinating, that an 80 year old would have TiVo and know how to use it, or that an ex-President would have TiVo and know how to use it. I don’t care what your politics are, that is just cool.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Apr 05, 2006  |  2 comments
Sorry, at the moment I have nothing to report. Friday is the Mitsubishi line show, so check back Monday and I'll post what I saw. Rumor has it they've got a new TV that's got lasers! Now if I can just get my plasma tweeter speakers I'll be all set.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Nov 06, 2006  |  0 comments
Not that it's new, but I forgot to mention that I posted the rest of my pictures from CEATEC in the Galleries. You can check them out here
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Nov 08, 2007  |  12 comments
In the November issue, we mistakenly measured the Paradigm UltraCube 12 as part of the Paradigm system instead of the Seismic-10 that was mentioned in the review. The correct measurements are below.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Jan 19, 2006  |  11 comments
Sorry, I made a mistake in the February issue Face Off. In the opening and closing charts, I refer to the Toshiba as the 62MX195. We reviewed the 62HM195, which is what it says everywhere else in the text. Two letters in fifteen pages. I’m a failure, I know.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Feb 20, 2007  |  10 comments
Well, better late then never. Here’s my review of Pioneer’s PRO-FHD1 1080p plasma. It’s probably the best looking flat panel you can by, at least for right now. It’s also $8,000… Impressive none the less. Read about it here.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  May 10, 2007  |  19 comments
Pioneer announced eight new plasmas on Wednesday. That in itself is not terribly exciting. What is exciting is that it is based on their 8th generation glass, which I’ve talked about before.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Feb 06, 2007  |  4 comments
Planar was showing bits of their new line to local dealers today, and I was offered a glimpse (not at the dealers, of the product).
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Feb 15, 2006  |  5 comments
While a website may mean nothing, and specs change, but at the moment Sony’s own PlayStation site is saying that the PS3 will output 1080p and play Blu-Ray movie discs. We’ve all figured out this would be the case, but here’s a little “proof.” At least, for the moment.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Feb 01, 2007  |  3 comments
We’ve had a lot of issues recently with posting comments on the blogs (mostly from spammers). Here are a few tips to help make posting easier.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Nov 28, 2006  |  25 comments
As I’ve talked about before, console games have to be written for a specific resolution (unlike computer games). Nearly every Xbox 360 game, for example, is 720p. The console then converts that up or down depending on how you set up the console. Those with older TVs drop it to 480i, those with HD sets can choose 720p or 1080i (and occasionally 1080p).