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The truth behind progressive-scan DVD players.

Conspiracy theories are like computer problems—almost everyone has one. From JFK's assassination to the demise of TWA flight 800, it's rare that everyone will accept the simplest explanation as the truth. Consumer electronics has its fair share of conspiracy theories, as well. They may not be as complex as a Louisiana district attorney's triangulated-bullet-trajectory theory, but they exist, nonetheless. What do you expect to happen when a large number of obsessive-compulsive personalities have too much free time and join a chat room?

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According to <A HREF="">Zenith</A>, the orginator of the VSB digital transmission system behind over-the-air broadcast of DTV and HDTV, "there will be no urban-rural 'digital divide' in the delivery of digital television (DTV) service." The company says that this is thanks in large part to ATSC VSB translators that it has developed.

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The idea of watermarking high-resolution audio signals has riled audiophiles for months, ever since Verance announced that the controversial tracking signals would be incorporated into DVD-Audio discs. Now videophiles can get in on the action: last week, <A HREF="">Digimarc</A> announced that it is partnering with Hitachi, Macrovision, NEC, Philips, Pioneer, and Sony to form the Video Watermarking Group (VWM Group) to provide video copy prevention and play control solutions for digital recording devices.

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Far too many home entertainment products are obsolete six months after they are introduced. A new variation on surround sound or video processing comes out, and you have to buy a new processor to take advantage of it.
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Better late than never, the old adage goes. The <A HREF="">Consumer Electronics Association</A> and the <A HREF="">National Association of Broadcasters</A>, former adversaries in the digital television rollout debacle, have decided to bury the hatchet and begin promoting DTV cooperatively.

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G<I>eorge Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, John C. Reilly, Diane Lane, William Fichtner, John Hawkes. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital 5.1. 130 minutes. 2000. Warner Home Video 18584. PG-13. $24.98.</I>

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The entire city of Los Angeles depends on the entertainment industry, and Mayor Richard Riordan is doing his best to find a way to prevent strikes by screenwriters and actors that could have crippling economic repercussions.

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The makers of the renowned Power Plant "regenerators" have come up with another ingenious solution to an all-too-common problem: noisy electrical power.
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Prediction: film industry attorneys and executives will experience unprecedented high blood pressure this summer. The reason: the arrival of DVD recorders from Swiss manufacturer Vivastar.
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Sensory Science is upping the ante in the video processor game. On April 12, the Scottsdale, AR-based electronics firm introduced the new CL-2500 Video Processor from its California Audio Labs division. The processor is "a videophile-quality home theater component functioning as both an HDTV-ready video switcher as well as video processor," according to the announcement, and is claimed to "raise the standard in home theater performance and operation."