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Barb Gonzalez  |  Jun 07, 2023  |  3 comments
Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) kicked off with a preview of the long-awaited Vision Pro, an AR (augmented reality) headset featuring micro-OLED display technology that has the potential of changing the way we experience entertainment in the future.
Barb Gonzalez  |  May 31, 2023  |  2 comments
It's been a good run. We've been able to share our Netflix account with our kids as they go off to college, with our parents, and even share the cost with friends. With the premium 4K tier running $19.99 monthly for just Netflix, it's no wonder we want to share. But after a year of working out the kinks, the sharing crackdown has begun and most of us will have to make choices.
Barb Gonzalez  |  May 24, 2023  |  3 comments
Plex continues to innovate and make an already good media aggregating app even better. This time it has turned to using Sonic Sage to improve music exploration and discovery.
Barb Gonzalez  |  May 17, 2023  |  4 comments
By the end of the year, Hulu will be rolled into the Disney+ app and viewers will be able to find and stream both services' content without switching between apps. The strategy was announced in a call with Disney investors last week.
Barb Gonzalez  |  May 10, 2023  |  0 comments
A friend recently told me she had just subscribed to Apple TV+ and asked if I had any recommendations for what to watch. When I started naming shows, it occurred to me that Apple TV+ has a plethora of high-quality programming. And now it's adding live concerts.
Barb Gonzalez  |  May 04, 2023  |  1 comments
The FAST (free ad-supported TV) trend in streaming shows no signs of letting up. On the heels of Google TV’s recent addition of 800 free channels, Amazon has announced plans to add 400 free Fire TV Channels.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Apr 26, 2023  |  1 comments
To spur interest in its platform, Google TV has added 800 free TV channels to its Live TV tab. New channels and apps have been added, and the guide has been arranged to help you find whatever you are in the mood to watch easily.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Apr 19, 2023  |  1 comments
If you've found yourself cranking up the volume while streaming movies and TV series or turning on the closed captions to understand everything that's being said, you're not alone. Amazon is addressing the issue by using artificial intelligence to boost the dialogue on some of its Amazon Originals.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Apr 12, 2023  |  1 comments
Sling TV is offering free content through Freestream, the latest in free-ad-supported TV (FAST) channels. Not your typical FAST service, free streaming extends to video-on-demand (VOD) episodes, and the live channels offer playback control.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Mar 22, 2023  |  2 comments
Frndly TV has increasingly been appearing in search results over the past few months so I decided to check it out. The service offers live TV for as little as $7 per month.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Mar 15, 2023  |  2 comments
Roku promises an enhanced user experience when it rolls out a new OS 12 update in the coming weeks. In addition to delivering a revamped mobile app, the update will expand access to sports and live TV and use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to improve personalized viewing recommendations.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Mar 08, 2023  |  8 comments
The 95th Academy Awards will be held on Sunday at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST and broadcast on ABC. It's always more fun to watch if you've seen the nominated movies. While you can't stream Avatar: The Way of Water, most other features are available on scattered services.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Mar 01, 2023  |  4 comments
This past year has been a wake-up call for streaming studios. As post-pandemic churn set in, these services started to report huge losses. The strategy to offer as many original titles to their users was a losing proposition, resulting in mergers, restructuring, and a reduction in new production.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Feb 22, 2023  |  1 comments
At a time when live-TV streaming services are adding more free channels, Peacock streaming service has discontinued its free tier for new customers offering only Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus subscriptions.
Barb Gonzalez  |  Feb 15, 2023  |  3 comments
The best discovery apps display titles on a watch list or let you search through all streaming apps and then instantly play regardless of which app is streaming. Amazon Fire TV devices now block apps from launching other apps.