CEDIA 2013

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Mark Fleischmann  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
GoldenEar Technology's SuperCinema 3D Array XL soundbar (top) features three of the company's signature folded ribbon tweeters, and really, that is so cool, we could just stop right there. But there are also eight 4.5-inch woofers in an enclosure with a depth of just 2.7 inches. GoldenEar's 3D Array processing cancels out crosstalk between the left and right channels, spreading the soundstage beyond the bar. Designed to go with TVs of 70 inches and up, the bar will sell for $1499 when it ships in spring 2014.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for a good star ceiling, so it’s not surprising that I had to stop at the Epic Sky Technology booth for a quick chat. Epic Sky Technology specializes in lighting control systems with proprietary controllers that can integrate lights – and especially the company’s pre-built and DIY star ceiling panels – with music or soundtracks. On demo was a star ceiling panel programmed to turn various LEDs in the panel on and off in conjunction with an audio recording of a thunderstorm. An LED strip behind the panel also flashed in time with the sound of thunder. Pricing varies by panel size and number of LEDs installed.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
I spent some time in the Coastal Source booth getting the scoop on the Florida-based company’s interesting assortment of landscape lighting products, as well as its Turtle Audio System. The system starts with a rectangular fiberglass shell that holds a down-firing 10” JL Audio marine-grade woofer, a 500-watt marine-grade amp with a built-in electronic crossover, plus an Apple AirPort Express. By adding one, two, or three 150W DC power supplies, the internal amplifier in the sub enclosure can power from two to 16 satellite speakers.

Multi-satellite systems with the Turtle sub start around $5,000.

 |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Russound knows what people want most at a convention: coffee and sugar. In this case, the sugar was in the form of ice cream and sugar-laden toppings. Thanks, Russound. I’ll be back…
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Qmotion came to CEDIA in a big way this year, showing off an elaborate booth of the companies various shading solutions. Prime among the products on display was the range of wireless, battery-operated roller shades with several unique design features, including easy battery replacement without needing to remove the shade from the brackets, a claimed battery life of “up to five years”, and a snap-on spline attached to the fabric that allows for easy cleaning or replacement of the fabric.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
DISH announced today that the company plans to integrate Control4 home automation technology with the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR system. This means that Control4 systems will soon be able to fully take advantage of all the capabilities of the Hopper and DISH’s satellite/streaming services.

Barb Gonzalez  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Tony Fadell was the keynote speaker at this year's CEDIA Expo. Here are a few tidbits of great advice from the iPod creator.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Automation controller company BitWise Controls came to CEDIA to celebrate the company’s fourth birthday and announce the upcoming availability of the BitWise Access Anywhere subscription service. BitWise’s AccessAnywhere will enable homeowners to access and control their BitWise home automation system from anywhere the homeowner has internet access, anywhere in the world, via a smartphone or tablet.
SV Staff  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Sonos announced today at CEDIA 2013 that an upcoming software update will enable the Sonos Connect:Amp to power third-party rear surround speakers in combination with the company’s Playbar and Sub to deliver a 5.1 surround sound experience. The software update will make it easier to integrate the Playbar into existing home theater systems, according to the company. The Play3 is currently the only Sonos speaker that can function in a rear surround role with the Playbar.
Bob Ankosko  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Vantage demonstrated its Equinox family of home-automation control products in a posh 5,000-square-foot penthouse apartment at the Four Seasons hotel with spectacular views of downtown Denver. The homeowners are avid art collectors who use the residence as a second home when they’re in town and chose Vantage because they wanted an unobtrusive and easy-to-use control system for entertainment (music and TV), climate control, security, cameras, and—most important—lighting to accentuate dozens of prized paintings. Motorized shades and a TV lift are also covered under the Vantage control umbrella.

John Sciacca  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Many people have turned to the iPad as the controller of choice for their home's automation system. Using systems from the likes of Control4, Crestron, Savant, or URC, you can turn even the humblest iPad into a powerful automation controller capable of adjusting lights, HVAC, alarm, TV and about anything else you can think of. But where to you put the iPad when you're not using it? Do you just plop it on a sofa cushion or leave it on a counter somewhere until the next time you need it, and then hope the battery isn't dead?
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 25, 2013  |  First Published: Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments

They could have started out the press conference that way, and it would have been so cool if they had. Of course, then they would have had to have thrown someone from a competing lighting/shading company down a huge hole; and that probably would not have been acceptable behavior at a CEDIA press conference.

But, in essence, Lutron did throw the gauntlet – and a very fancy gauntlet, at that – down as far as other shading and control companies go...

Bob Ankosko  |  Sep 25, 2013  |  0 comments
Nestled among the few dozen companies exhibiting at CEDIA 2013’s Media Preview was Soundwall, a Boulder, CO-based startup specializing in speakers that masquerade as art (or is it the other around?). The artwork of your choice is printed on a foam-core board mounted in a 2.5-inch-deep frame that hangs on the wall. Left- and right-channel exciters attached to the back of the board (and powered by a small amplifier), vibrate the “canvas,” turning it into a speaker.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 25, 2013  |  0 comments
No, they’re not stylized Daleks from Dr. Who or PVC termite mounds. The objects pictured above are actually a couple of pretty impressive all-weather speakers from NEAR. There are a couple of things that are newsworthy about these speakers, not the least of which is that they are the first environmental speakers designed by NEAR specifically for the consumer/custom installation market in about a decade and a half. In fact, it’s been exactly 14 years since NEAR last had a booth or display at a CEDIA EXPO.
Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 25, 2013  |  2 comments
Bad pun. The Kordz Neo-S3 has nothing to do with cancelling your TV cable service for wirelessly streaming your programs from the Internet. Rather, it involves 4K and ultra long HDMI cables, as might be found in many custom installations. It consists of a pair of powered HDMI dongles ($349) to which you attach your existing HDMI link, one at each end. It’s said to allow for an HDMI run of up to 30 meters, even in 4K. Kordz also offers HDMI cables, though the HDMI cable is not included with the Neo-S, just the dongles. Available in October.