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Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 26, 2023  |  3 comments
The world will be a better place when we can get rid of all those messy wires. Though we still have a ways to go before a full-on wireless AV system is a reality, Austin-based Audioengine is doing its part to advance the cause with a mini subwoofer that is wireless and sells for $439.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 24, 2023  |  3 comments
Marantz today introduced a pair of classic stereo components that celebrate its roots as a hi-fi pioneer.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 24, 2023  |  0 comments
ZapperBox, the Des Moines-based maker of the M1 TV tuner/DVR that lets you receive and record high-definition TV signals over the air without any fees, has announced an update that enables the M1 to decode encrypted TV channels.
SV Staff  |  Oct 23, 2023  |  3 comments
In his new post, “Breaking Up Is Easy to Do,” Ken Pohlmann decries Netflix’s recent decision to dust out the cobwebs and render older TVs, Blu-ray players and other streaming devices useless — at least when it comes to watching movies and shows on Netflix. The list includes Roku, which has 73.5 million active accounts worldwide and commands an amazing 43% share of smart TVs sold in the U.S.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 19, 2023  |  1 comments
Hisense today announced that it is now shipping the C1 portable 4K laser projector it previewed in January at CES 2023.
SV Staff  |  Oct 19, 2023  |  1 comments
HDR10+ Technologies LLC, the industry group that supports the HDR10+ high dynamic range (HDR) standard with over 150 adopters and more than 8,000 supported devices, today announced a new HDR10+ Gaming plug-in for game developers who use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine (a.k.a. UE).
SV Staff  |  Oct 19, 2023  |  0 comments
At least that appears to be the thinking at Atlantic Technology and Zvox, two New England-based companies that announced pre-holiday-season discounts this week.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 18, 2023  |  6 comments
Panasonic aims to help gamers get inside the game with a new wearable version of the SoundSlayer gaming speaker it introduced in 2020.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 18, 2023  |  1 comments
The pursuit of sonic perfection at reasonable prices endures at Canadian speaker stalwart, PSB, which today announced the latest edition of the popular Imagine Series that received immediate acclaim when it was introduced a decade-and-a-half ago.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 16, 2023  |  6 comments
As if we needed more evidence that the end of physical media is coming, Best Buy has confirmed that it will stop selling DVDs and Blu-ray Discs both in-store and online in early 2024.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 16, 2023  |  1 comments
In what could be a potential setback to the progress being made in the NextGen TV rollout, LG has informed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it will not include ATSC 3.0-compatible tuners in its 2024 TVs due to a recent patent dispute and court ruling.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 12, 2023  |  1 comments
Soundboks, a young company specializing in Bluetooth speakers with offices in Denmark and Santa Monica, promises to rock your world with an industrial-grade speaker designed to keep the tunes cranking all day and all night, whether you’re partying in your backyard or hanging at an outdoor festival.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 12, 2023  |  2 comments
If you hate opening multiple apps to search for something to watch, you’re not alone. According to TiVo’s latest Video Trends Report, finding TV shows and movies to watch remains a major thorn in the side of Americans and Canadians who simply want to sit down to watch TV without the hullabaloo.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 11, 2023  |  2 comments
Scarsdale, NY-based AV retailer Value Electronics has been rounding up flagship TVs from the top brands and pitting them against one another for two decades running in an effort to isolate the best of the best. The recent 2023 TV Shootout pegged OLED as the clear-cut winner over mini-LED LCD models in both the 4K and 8K categories.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 10, 2023  |  5 comments
The standalone graphic equalizer that was once a staple of hi-fi systems is making a comeback at McIntosh.