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Lauren Dragan  |  Aug 26, 2016  |  1 comments
Do you like sci-fi? How about 80s horror films, a-la Stephen King? Are you a huge fan of the Goonies and Stand by Me? Did you play Dungeons and Dragons as a kid? If you answered yes to any of these questions and haven’t watched the Netflix original series Stranger Things, then stop everything right now and go watch this show. I’m serious. It’s that good. Binge-watching to avoid spoilers is worth clearing your schedule this weekend. Still not convinced? Here’s what you need to know (and why you need to watch this show)
Lauren Dragan  |  Aug 19, 2016  |  2 comments
With VR flooding 360 degrees of our fields of vision, the clock is ticking on 3D audio to match. Lately there seem to be a plethora of kickstarters for headphones that will track head movement. But what if you love the headphones you already have? A company called 3D Sound Labs has created a module that they say will allow any headphones to be 3D sound ready. Of course I had to get one in and try it myself. Could this really work?
Lauren Dragan  |  Jul 22, 2016  |  11 comments
Over the last few weeks, there’s been intense discussion around the remake/re-imagining of the Ghostbusters franchise starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. The scrutiny started immediately upon the release of the trailer, and has surged well beyond opening weekend. Oddly enough, almost none of the conversation is focused on the quality of the actual film itself. What is it about this movie that has created so much hullabaloo?
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If you aren’t a Millennial, the appeal of Pokemon Go might elude you. Hordes of people meandering about, phones aloft, muttering “I swear there was a Pikuchu near here…” whilst trying to catch “pocket monsters” may seem silly to those of us accustomed to more passive forms of entertainment. Now, I’m not going to argue that you should download the app and start hurling red and white balls at imaginary creatures’ noggins. (Though, admittedly, it is oddly kinda fun.) What is worth doing is considering the popularity of the Pokemon Go phenomena and what it means for the future of gaming.
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If your household has a furry family member, you know how hard it is to leave them home alone. Even if you have a caregiver stopping by, summer day-trips and weekends away can make you fret over how they’re doing. If you’ve ever wished you could just peek in and say hello, or maybe play a quick game of chase, you are going to love Petcube.
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The way the team at Even describe it, their debut in-ear headphones evaluate your hearing in each ear and adapt the EQ of your music’s playback to compensate, much in the way a pair of prescription reading glasses adjust your vision. It’s a novel idea; one that makes a certain amount of sense. But does Even’s process really work, or is it all a gimmick? The only way to find out was to meet Sarah.
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PRICE $400

Excellent ANC
Decent Bluetooth sound (with ANC off)
Wireless charging
Inconsistent sound quality
App mandatory for major functions

While the Zik 3 has allure with fun features, it falls short on core functionality, especially against its price competition.

Since their first version, Parrot Zik headphones have been consistently beautiful to look at and have featured technology that is a nose ahead of the competition. It’s the combo of pretty and new that has made the Ziks the darlings of the tech-enthusiast set. Now in its third iteration, the new Zik 3 is packed with all sorts of bells and whistles. Some will be familiar to users of the Zik 2.0: touch-sensitive controls on a sleek-looking earcup, deeply customizable noise cancellation and EQ via an app, sensors that trigger a pause in the music when the headphones are removed. And some are new: wireless charging, USB audio, Apple Watch, and Android Wear compatibility.

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In typical rock fashion, Fender stage-dove into the headphone world last week, releasing an entire line of in-ear monitors: the brand’s first ever. Fender’s five distinct models are designed to offer something for everyone, and range in features and price from $100-$500. Once thing they all have in common, however, is that they’re all universal fit; no ear moulding required. I got to audition the FXA6, the $400 model, and to talk with the folks at Fender about the entire line, and why they think 3D printing in-ears is the way of the future.

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Sunday is Mother’s Day, and everybody is making lists of gift ideas for moms. The thing is, a lot of these lists assume Mom is:

1.) Old and out of touch.

2.) Someone who wants flowers or leopard print on everything. (We’re going to save my rant on this for another day.)

I am a mom and am neither of these things. None of my mom friends are either. Neither, for that matter, are most of friends’ moms. So, with that in mind, here are some tech-related gift ideas for a mom that aren’t on the lists I’ve seen, and that I can recommend personally. And, bonus, they’re not crazy expensive, and can be shipped anywhere within a few days. So read on! You still have time!

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It’s Earth Day! While you may not have the chance to plant a tree today, you can take a second to do a quick check-in on your green tech savvy. Here’s a few simple ways you can give your home a tuneup. (And maybe even justify buying a few cool new things.)