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Toshiba's Thin-Frame, ClearFrame LCD 22265001257 Toshiba 52RV530 The design of big-ticket consumer goods tends to reflect the era in which they're made.
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$7,697 (as tested) / NIVEUSMEDIA.COM / 866-258-2929
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Q. I've been using separates in my surround system for some time and have a collection of high-end amplifiers. But the surround processing modes, HDMI connectivity, and video upconversion on my preamp/processor are now out of date. New receivers seem to have the latest technology at a much more reasonable price than most of the pre/pros with similar attributes.

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The Short Form

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The Short Form

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Mitsubishi HC6000 LCD front projector HC6000(BL) Mitsubishi Mitsubishi has long been known as the Big-Screen Company, mostly due to the strength of its extensive lineup of rear-projection TVs.
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Cable Cutoff

Q. What is the maximum length for an HDMI cable? Alan F. Wufsus Via E-mail

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The catch phrase "flat TV" has been circulating for years, mainly to describe the many flat-panel plasma and LCD sets that have swamped the market. But with an average cabinet depth of 3 to 5 inches, can those TVs really be called flat? To find a truly flat display, you need to check out OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode).

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Step into the TV section of any big-box electronics store, and you're bound to see endless rows of LCD sets lining the shelves. While this surplus of options can make it tough to decide on a specific LCD model, the upside is that the competition for your flat-panel TV dollar has resulted in a number of great deals.

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