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<B>DISH Network to offer Warner movies on-demand and in HD</B><BR>
The ever changing face of video distribution continues to evolve. EchoStar and Warner have signed off on deal that will allow DISH Network customers to access to Warner's new releases and catalog titles via its "Dish On Demand" and pay-per-view services in standard and high-definition.

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<B>EchoStar Infringed On TiVo's Patents, Court Rules</B><BR>
EchoStar, which operates DISH Network's satellite TV service, was ruled by a federal district in Texas to have infringed on several patents held by TiVo, and ordered to halt the use of the bulk of the DVRs its subscribers use. A subsequent injunction blocked the order, which would have affected millions of EchoStar's subscribers.

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<B>Big Fourth Quarter For Blu-ray And HD DVD</B><BR>
The number of Blu-ray and HD DVD releases scheduled in the last quarter of this calendar year is growing rapidly. Warner's second wave of Blu-ray titles will hit stores on September 5th, followed by four more catalog titles from the Warner library on September 12th. Universal has announced four more catalog titles for HD DVD in late October.

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<B><I>M:I3</I> Hitting Stores In Three Formats</B>
On October 30th Paramount will release the Tom Cruise blockbuster <I>Mission: Impossible 3</I> on not one but three separate formats- DVD and the competing Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD high-def formats. While retailers certainly aren't enthused to be carrying triple inventory, this is unequivocally the highest profile release on either of the rivaling next-gen HD formats.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter on November 7th, HBO Video will release <I>The Sopranos: Season 6</I> day and date on DVD and HD DVD, making the critically acclaimed HBO series the first TV series to appear in high-definition on disc. According the article, a Blu-ray release is being planned for 2007.

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In these TiVo-centric times it's tough for advertisers to figure out how to get their expensive to produce and place commercial messages in front of people. The burgeoning DVR market allows more and more users to not only time shift their content, but to zip right past those commercials the advertisers have paid millions of dollars to place on your favorite show. While the TV networks keep coming up with studies showing that their customers' ads are still buying them some impact with the DVR- generation, a recent survey from DIGDIA shows viewers would pay more for on-demand movie content to avoid commercials entirely.

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Looks like there's no relief from the format war in sight. According to TWICE, LG Electronics has backed off its plan to deliver a <a href="http://ultimateavmag.com/news/031906hddvd/">Blu-ray/HD DVD combi disc player</a> later this year. In addition, a recently published report from Video Business claims that Toshiba has denied that it will ship a second generation HD DVD player in time for the holiday shopping season this year.

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On July 17th is was announced that Movielink and Sonic Solutions have teamed up to allow users of the <a href="http://www.guidetohometheater.com/news/040606industrynews/index.html">Mo... VOD (Video-On-Demand) service to burn downloaded movies onto DVDs that will playback in standard DVD players when the download has been <I>authorized by for use by content providers</I>. In somewhat related news, Warner Bros agreed (like everyone else) to sell its shows on Apple's iTunes Music Store for $1.99 per episode.

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1080p display devices have been proliferating rapidly, and it's been bit of a surprise that DLP front projection, which has led the charge of digital displays for years, has been late to the party. Not anymore.

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<I>TWICE</I> has reported that Samsung is now shipping 1080p rear projection televisions that use that use an LED array instead of a UHP lamp as a light source. The first model on the streets is the HL-S5697W, a 56" RPTV with an MSRP if $4,199.