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Back in July <I>UAV</I> <a href="http://ultimateavmag.com/news/072306supernews/">reported</a> the exciting news that accompanying the November 28th DVD release of this summer's <I>Superman Returns</I> would be new, vastly expanded special editions of <I>Superman: The Movie</I>, and the fabled, somewhat legendary <I>Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut</I>. Well, the news gets better still. Not only will <I>Superman Returns</I> see a day-and-date release on both Blu-ray and HD DVD, <I>Superman: The Movie</I> and <I>Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut</I> will also be released on HD DVD November 28th with the now de rigeur 1080p video and Dolby Digital Plus sound.

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Earlier in the year rose-colored glasses must have been somewhat in style when Warner's Steve Nickerson was <a href="http://ultimateavmag.com/news/081006sopranosHDDVD/">quoted</a> as saying that Warner, which supports both Blu-ray and HD DVD, expected consumers to spend "between $225 million and $500 million during the fourth quarter (of 2006)." He also predicted that by the end of 2006 that there would be 500,000 Blu-ray and HD DVD standalone players sold, plus two to three million game consoles and two to four million computers with HD DVD or Blu-ray capability.

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced the first three 50GB, dual-layer Blu-ray Discs. We're practically soaking in the first one, as the Adam Sandler comedy <I>Click</I>, which will be on store shelves this Tuesday, is indeed the first 50GB title. Ridley Scott's <I>Black Hawk Down</I> will be the second, arriving on November 14th, and that will be followed by the day-and-date with DVD release of <I>Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby</I> on December 12th.

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This past Tuesday Universal Studios released <I>The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift</I> day and date on standard DVD, HD DVD, and through <a href="http://ultimateavmag.com/news/040606industrynews/">CinemaNow</a> in a "downloadable DVD version" that can be downloaded and then burned to a blank DVD for just $9.99. The burned DVD is claimed to be playable "in virtually any DVD player," which means CinemaNow users aren't confined to watching the feature film on their computer monitors.

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Ending months and months of speculation, Microsoft finally made an official announcement for its external HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 gaming console. The drive will cost $199.99 and will be available in North America in mid-November and will come bundled with a copy of the HD DVD of Peter Jackson's <I>King Kong</I>.

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OK, I know this is remedial reading, but Apple's introduction of movie downloads through the iTunes Store and the coincident unveiling of its iTV player is clearly the biggest news that happened last week outside of the <a href="http://blog.ultimateavmag.com/cedia2006/">CEDIA Expo</a> in Denver.

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<B>The Big Monkey Of High-Def</B><BR>

HD DVD player owners (and the format itself) are getting an early Christmas present on November 14th when Universal will release Peter Jackson's smash remake of <I>King Kong</I> on the fledgling HD disc format. The suggested list price is $29.98. Few details on the release are available, and it's not known if Peter Jackson's extended cut, scheduled for release on DVD on the same day, will be included on the HD DVD.

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<UL CLASS="square">
<LI>Price: $2,499</LI>
<LI>Output Channels: 7.1-channels, single-ended and balanced</LI>
<LI>Decoding: DD, DD EX, ProLogic IIx, DTS, DTS-ES Discrete/Matrix/Neo:6, </LI>
<LI>Ins and Outs: Six digital audio inputs, dual HDMI inputs, four component inputs, multi-source/multi-zone, RS-232, 12V triggers</LI>
<LI>Highlights: </LI>