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We revisit Plex to see how its new DVR and voice-control features work.
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The NVIDIA Shield TV was created as the best streaming player for gamers. Features including Home Control, improved search, and all the content a cord-cutter could want in one device, makes the new Shield TV a top media streamer choice for everyone.
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PRICE $130

Excellent 4K HDR picture and sound quality
Optical audio output for full Dolby Digital Plus surround sound
Agnostic voice search finds movies/TV shows on most streaming channels
Playback control for music and slideshows is awkward
Doesn’t play Dolby Atmos from Vudu

Roku has once again upped the streaming game by including HDR and more in its highly recommendable Ultra 4K media player.

Continuing to up their game, Roku has introduced new products that add HDR (high dynamic range) to 4K streaming while maintaining their anyone-can-use-it simple menu structure. A slew of new models range from the Express player to a new top-of-the-line player, the Ultra. While both the Premiere+ and the Ultra support 4K and HDR (the standard 4K Premiere lacks HDR), the Ultra has a few more features for those who insist on the best picture and sound, and more. It’s proof of how far the streaming player has come from the low-quality picture of its first generation.

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CES 2017 didn’t knock my socks off with any groundbreaking news. Still, there were definite trends repeated at every booth corner. Streaming video and music is no longer news. Now companies are coming up with new ways to entice those disenchanted with their current TV provider as they try to capture the cord cutter market. UHD streaming will be increasingly available in HDR as more devices support the higher quality format. YouTube 360 videos are available on TVs and media players that have mouse capabilities. Many media streamer manufacturers are moving forward with voice commands. They will be incorporating Alexa or Google Home for either controlling the device or using the device to control the rest of the home.
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The Dish Anywhere app has expanded beyond mobile phones to the TV on Fire TV sticks and media players. The app can access a Dish Hopper receiver’s live TV, guides, and DVR. Users can start recording or set up scheduled recordings.
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Video game fans can take their rock-and-roll fantasies to a whole new level with the virtual reality version of Harmonix's popular guitar playing game, Rock Band.
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If you share a bed, or a bedroom, Zeeq may just be the best thing that ever happened to your bedmate or roommate. Deep inside the Zeeq pillow are blue speakers and a microphone. It is designed so that only the person whose head is on the pillow can hear the music or sounds without disturbing the person next to you.
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Virtual Reality (VR) goggles were shown everywhere at CES this year. Exhibitors virtually took over the back half of the South Hall of the convention center. A few year ago, this area had booths with Health and Fitness that has now grown to fill its own hall. If VR follows suit, it won’t be long before we are all donning headsets to view videos.
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NVIDIA demonstrated some revolutionary features on its new NVIDIA Shield streaming player. The Android TV based player has been fully redesigned both in hardware and menus.
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If you find that there are dozens of WiFi networks that show up when you go to connect your wireless devices, the Portal Router may be for you. In congested areas, like apartment buildings, dozens of users may be fighting to get an internet signal over the same channel on the same band (either 5 GHz or the extremely crowded 2.4 GHz band). The Portal router offers technology that can move you away from the crowds to get the best internet access possible.