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As we increasingly ditch our traditional ways of watching broadcast TV, we're no longer switching on the TV and watching the game. It's just as likely that you'll stream Super Bowl LVII, and here's where to find it. If the big game isn't your thing, perhaps you'd prefer to stream one of the furry games like Puppy Bowl XIX or the Great American Rescue Bowl.
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Later this year, Showtime will be fully absorbed by Paramount+. Not only will the two services stream from the same app, but the premium cable channel will also include Paramount+ original content. The merge will happen soon, but pricing and dates haven't been announced.
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PRICE A50+ $199, S50+ Pro $219

Multiple music sources include streaming music services
Multiroom streaming or stream separately
EQ adjustment buttons on remote
Presets to favorite playlists
Stream legacy devices like turntables or CD players

S50+ Pro
Pairable with A50+ for synchronized listening throughout the home
Optical input and output
Decodes high-resolution audio
Remote control with EQ direct buttons
Presets to switch to favorite playlists from a variety of services
Stream legacy devices like turntables or CD players

Minus (A50+ and S50+ Pro)
The 4STREAM app is confusing and incomplete
Can’t create a play queue
Amazon Music has bugs (doesn’t play when switching from another app)
Output is compressed CD quality, not high-resolution audio
Doesn’t have AirPlay2
Doesn’t work with Alexa, Google, directly with Siri

The Arylic A50+ wireless multiroom full digital hi-fi amplifier and the S50+ Pro wireless streaming preamplifier are reasonably priced streaming solutions for specific needs. These aren’t devices for the average user looking for a whole home music system. Instead, the Acrylic amp and preamp are better suited for DIYers or users who are comfortable piecing together a system.

Arylic's A50+ and S50+ are small music streamers that work with most music sources...

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PRICE $140

Super Resolution Upscaling to 4K improves HD and SD content
Hands-free control of the Fire TV Cube and Smart Home Devices
Fast navigation and loading of content
Connect thumb drive or external drive to view/listen to media
Connect webcam for video calling
Sponsored apps, ads, and Amazon’s FreeVee monopolize home screen and search
Set-top box integration didn’t work with DISH Hopper

If you have Amazon Prime, cable or satellite, and smart home devices, definitely consider upgrading to the Fire TV Cube 3rd generation.

The 3rd generation Fire TV Cube has several new features that may make it worth upgrading from your current Fire TV. One of these features is HDMI pass-through, which allows for easy integration with set-top boxes. Additionally, the cube has a more powerful processor that improves picture quality. As the top-of-the-line Fire TV model, the cube combines the functionality of a smart Echo speaker and a streaming Amazon Fire TV.

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On January 15th, MGM+ launched as an independent app and Amazon Prime channel. This comes as no surprise after Amazon bought MGM in 2021. The vast library of high-quality titles, previously available on the now-closed Epix channel, is now live on MGM+. This is no B-movie service. It's MGM, founded 99 years ago, the makers of all the movies in That's Entertainment .
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With the coming addition of movie and TV rentals, Plex will become the first app you should open on your streaming device. Although we’ve written about Plex before, so much has changed that it’s time to do an overview of all of its features.
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On the eve of 2023 CES, Roku announced plans to expand its A/V hardware offerings to include for the first time Roku-branded TVs.
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As we look back at streaming in 2022, there have been few innovative new services or products. Instead, streaming is showing signs of its maturity. Both streaming providers and streaming player manufacturers are playing catch-up with the competition.
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Following this past year’s merger of HBO Max and Discovery, it appears the new service will be called simply “Max.” This could be a foretelling of the new service, as many series, including Westworld, were canceled and will soon be removed from the service altogether. CEO David Zaslav is taking a radical stance to reduce costs and make investors happy.
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Disney+ is raising its streaming subscription rates tomorrow (December 8), ending a year of price hikes that started with Netflix, Hulu, and many niche streaming services. If you act fast, you can still get some deals before the higher prices go into effect. After that, you’ll need to get creative, so your monthly subscription budget doesn’t look like your old cable bill.