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Thomas J. Norton  |  Oct 08, 2006  |  Published: Oct 09, 2006  |  0 comments

Sharp showed off every size and model of its current line.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Oct 08, 2006  |  Published: Oct 09, 2006  |  1 comments

Sharp was only one of a number of manufacturer's showing new Blu-ray recorder/players, most of them also including hard drives. Sharp's was particularly classy, with a wood-grained top. None of these recorders are destined for the U.S. market.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Oct 08, 2006  |  Published: Oct 09, 2006  |  0 comments

Hitachi's Premier designs in Japan are part of the Wooo line. Wooo Hooo!

Thomas J. Norton  |  Oct 08, 2006  |  Published: Oct 09, 2006  |  0 comments

Toshiba showed its first outboard HD DVD-ROM computer drive.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Oct 08, 2006  |  Published: Oct 09, 2006  |  0 comments

JVC announced a new 58" D-ILA model that checks in at just a bit over 10-inches deep.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Oct 01, 2006  |  0 comments

While it may not have the head-scratching cosmic significance of the classic choice between Goobers and Raisinettes, or even the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray format war, the LCD vs. plasma question remains a hot topic. The casual shopper may simply want a flat panel TV no matter what the technology, but the serious videophile wants to know more.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 30, 2006  |  Published: Oct 01, 2006  |  1 comments

I leave tomorrow for a week in Japan, courtesy of Sharp. We will, of course, visit Sharp factories, but another main event on the trip is CEATAC, the annual "Japanese CES." It actually isn't anywhere near as big as CES, but it is a show with a unique flavor all its own. And while I'm not sure we'll see anything we didn't see at the recent CEDIA Expo, you never know. Products are often introduced in Japan before they're exported overseas.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 20, 2006  |  1 comments

I uploaded my final blogs from CEDIA Expo 2006 on Tuesday. I returned Sunday and had intended to post them early Monday, but United Airlines delayed my luggage until Monday afternoon. It was very thoughtful of United to help me avoid schlepping home bags loaded with brochures, notes, my camera card reader, and the power supply for my laptop. They even hand delivered them to my home for me.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 17, 2006  |  0 comments

I've only been living with the new Optoma HD81 DLP projector for a little over a week, but it's already becoming obvious that new 1080p projectors selling for more than the Optoma's $7,000 price are likely to have a difficult time in the market. Even the sub-$7,000 price category is destined to be a battleground. There have already been announcements from Sony (SXRD), Mitsubishi (LCD), Panasonic (LCD), Sanyo (LCD), and BenQ (DLP) of new 1080p projectors priced lower, and in some cases considerably lower, than the Optoma. We expect to see more, and perhaps a lot more, such models at the 2006 CEDIA Expo in Denver later this week. We'll be reporting on them, and other new developments, in daily reports from the show floor. Stay tuned.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 14, 2006  |  2 comments

The Harman Specialty Group's booth was nearly set up for Thursday's official opening when we snapped these photos of the new Revel Ultima2 series. The tallest is the new Salon2 ($22,000/pair), the smaller floor-stander is the new Studio2 ($16,000/pair, not shown, but similarly styled) The others were the Gem2 (not shown) and Voice2 (photo below). The new Ultima2s will roll out gradually, with the Salon and Studio due around the first of the year and the other pieces scheduled in late winter or early spring 2007.