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$399 / SAMSUNG.COM / 800-726-7864
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With all the buzz about the revival of interest in vinyl, you might be surprised to learn that record sales are still little more than a tiny blip on the radar screen when compared to either CDs or digital downloads. But there's no denying that lots of people are getting into vinyl either for the first time or following a lengthy CD-fed hiatus.

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Theory of Relativity S REL T1 B REL TI While subwoofers are a dime a dozen these days, few companies take this Rodney Dangerfield of the speaker world quite as seriously as Britain's REL.
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Hitachi's judder-fighting plamsa 050585126879 Hitachi P60X901 Until quite recently, 50 inches was pretty much the hot screen size for plasma TVs.
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Boston acoustics goes designer 00690283471606 Boston HS60 If you study the demographics of those of us who really value high-quality audio gear, a frightening trend soon becomes clear: The audiophile population is
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The video-tech evolution has been swift and in-your-face. From the square little black-and-white picture tube, we went to "in living color," rear projection, and the flat-ering DLP, plasma, LCD, and OLED. And on these displays we've watched broadcast, cable, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD (and the occasional porno - okay, that's neither here nor there).

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Mitsubishi LT-46144 46-inch LCD HDTV full review LT-46144 Mitsubishi LT-46133 Go shopping for a new TV at your local Best Buy or Costco, and you'll soon realize that making an accurate in-store assessment of pi
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Yamaha RX-V1800 A/V receiver 27108928463 Yamaha RX-V1800 Designing a new A/V receiver must feel a bit like trying to hit the ducks at a carnival shooting gallery as they zip across your line of fire.
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the listMost of us are familiar with the old saying that children should be seen and not heard. How might we apply similar thinking to loudspeakers? Just the word loudspeaker suggests something that needs to be heard clearly.


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$449 / SUMIKOAUDIO.NET / 510-843-4500
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