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SV Staff  |  Dec 18, 2008  |  0 comments
Say that three times fast.  The Internet-based set-top box is getting bigger. Not physically, but the features and sites it connects to is growing. The latest? YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa, plus on-demand TV from the NBC family, ABC, CBS,...
SV Staff  |  Sep 29, 2015  |  1 comments
The digital wizards at Wadia have announced that their latest digital audio decoder, the di322, supports the playback of DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 music files via its USB input along with PCM files with sampling rates up to 32-bit/384kHz, including DXD 352.8kHz and DXD 384kHz formats.

SV Staff  |  Apr 04, 2017  |  0 comments
Yamaha today introduced two budget subwoofers that incorporate the proprietary “twisted flare port” technology used in the company’s $2,000 flagship model.
SV Staff  |  May 07, 2008  |  0 comments
In case the whole Obama/Clinton thing is getting old, here is a new debate, that in fact, is far more important. Did Neil Young embrace Blu-ray because digital audio is finally good enough to satisfy his musician's keen sensibilities, or did he...
SV Staff  |  Apr 17, 2017  |  0 comments
Next Level Acoustics, a Boston-based startup specializing in custom speaker systems, also offers a unique line of custom soundbar enclosures designed to provide “the perfect balance between aesthetics and integration.”
SV Staff  |  Nov 13, 2009  |  0 comments
Straight from the "getting blood from a stone" files, YouTube has announced that it will begin streaming 1080p video next week. Until now, the highest resolution YouTube could stream was 720p, and that was only a minority of videos. The move to...
SV Staff  |  Dec 05, 2008  |  0 comments
We told you about the 3D broadcast of the NFL game last Thursday night at a few theaters across the country. Wondering how it went? Some scores, some fumbles, but overall, you could call it a success. There were two satellite glitches that caused...
SV Staff  |  Nov 24, 2008  |  0 comments
Already bored with your Sunday football game in HD? Ready to turn it up a notch? Ready to turn it up 3 notches? Are you ready for some 3-D football? Lucky industry insiders in LA, NY, and Boston will get an interesting opportunity to check out...
SV Staff  |  Aug 19, 2010  |  0 comments
For years, FOX has shown NFL games in 4:3, even when in high-def. This was fine for SD TV users with old-fashioned 4:3 screens, but for widescreen HDTV users this meant two huge bars on either side of the screen, wasting space that could better be...
SV Staff  |  Sep 30, 2010  |  0 comments
1080p high-definition is nice. 4K (4096 x 2160) is even better, but only a few theaters have projectors that use that resolution yet. Super Hi-View is even better than that, with a resolution of 7680 x 4320, 4 times greater than 4K and 16 times...