CEDIA 2013

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SV Staff  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Sonos announced today at CEDIA 2013 that an upcoming software update will enable the Sonos Connect:Amp to power third-party rear surround speakers in combination with the company’s Playbar and Sub to deliver a 5.1 surround sound experience. The software update will make it easier to integrate the Playbar into existing home theater systems, according to the company. The Play3 is currently the only Sonos speaker that can function in a rear surround role with the Playbar.
Brent Butterworth  |  Sep 28, 2013  |  0 comments

Sonus Faber's trademark gorgeous craftsmanship and design were in evidence at the CEDIA Expo, where the company showed its new Olympica series speakers. Besides the fact that they were arguably the best-looking new speakers at the show, they're notable for two reasons. First, they're the first Sonus Faber speakers in which all the drivers were designed by the company. Second, they have a unique asymmetrical design with one of the coolest bass ports ever created.

Mark Fleischmann  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Olympica is a new speaker line from Sonus Faber, whose speakers have always been luxurious in both build and looks. A 1.1-inch silk dome tweeter and six-inch paper-composite woofer are built into a curved enclosure that is asymmetrical and built in mirror-imaged pairs. This allows the slot ports, located toward the rear of the side panels, to interact with the room in different ways, so if you audition these, you'll want to experiment with positioning, facing the port inward or outward. Available in light walnut and dark graphite veneer finishes, these were easily the most beautiful products we've seen on the first day of CEDIA 2013, and we suspect we won't see anything finer. Pricing is $6500/pair, shipping now. A matching center model is also available.
Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Sony’s 4K UHD Media Player (FMP-X1), together with the Sony Xperia Z Tablet controller, are available for use with Sony’s 4K home theater projectors.
Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Sony’s VPL-HW55ES HD 3D SXRD projector is the follow-on to 2012’s VPL-HW50ES. It offers a claimed dynamic contrast ratio of 120,000:1 (using Sony’s dynamic, Advanced Iris 3), an advanced cooling system, a stated lamp life of approximately 5,000 hours, and a peak brightness of 1,700 ANSI lumens. It will be available in October at $4000.
Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
The VPL-VW600ES SXRD projector is Sony’s latest 4k home theater projector. It offers a full 4096 x 2160 resolution, a claimed peak brightness of 1700 ANSI lumens, and a stated 200,000:1 contrast ratio (with Sony’s dynamic Advanced Iris 3). Its HDMI 2.0 inputs will accept 4K sources at up to 60 frames per second.
Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 27, 2013  |  0 comments
In the market for a movie-theater size home theater with a projector to match. Sony has your number. This 4K giant is based on Sony's pro theater projectors, modified to be suitable for home theater, including HDMI inputs, of course. It can be yours for only $125,000. The lens is extra!
Thomas J. Norton  |  Sep 27, 2013  |  0 comments
Passersby wondered if this was an OLED set (no luck there&mdashSony showed no such product) or a 4K HDTV (despite Sony's clear 4K leanings, it wasn't that either.) Nor was it an XBR; all Sony XBRs are now 4K.

Mark Fleischmann  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Its 0.75-inch-thick granite enclosure makes the Status Element monitor unique. The enclosure of the 53-pound speaker has four additional layers: elastomer, aluminum, silicon, and foam. Under the hood are a one-inch fabric tweeter and 6.5-inch beryllium alloy woofer. Your $15,000/pair can buy any of several colors of granite of which our favorite (though not pictured) is cactus green. It looked great on the spokesperson's iPhone. This product was born in the U.S.A.
Al Griffin  |  Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments
Stewart Filmscreen is a company whose name is strongly linked with the dedicated home theater concept, but even they acknowledge that the concept is in decline. People are starting to gravitate toward viewing movies and TV in open, multiple-use living spaces, not dark, isolated viewing vaults.
Kris Deering  |  Sep 27, 2013  |  0 comments
If there is one reoccurring theme at the show it’s that your subs are nowhere near big enough. California Audio Technology seems to have gotten the message with their in-wall 18” drivers. These were actually some of the smaller subs I saw around the floor.
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 25, 2013  |  First Published: Sep 26, 2013  |  0 comments

They could have started out the press conference that way, and it would have been so cool if they had. Of course, then they would have had to have thrown someone from a competing lighting/shading company down a huge hole; and that probably would not have been acceptable behavior at a CEDIA press conference.

But, in essence, Lutron did throw the gauntlet – and a very fancy gauntlet, at that – down as far as other shading and control companies go...

Fred Manteghian  |  Sep 27, 2013  |  0 comments
I had to stop in and listen to the $699/each GoldenEar Triton Seven speakers. They’re such an easy recommendation for somebody looking for instant audiophilia. Thanks Sandy, now back to work. . . .
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Sep 28, 2013  |  0 comments
The folks at DoorBot call DoorBot “the doorbell for smartphones” or, in a more wordy way, “DoorBot is a Wi-Fi enabled, video doorbell that allows you to see and talk with visitors through your smartphone from anywhere in the world.”
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Russound knows what people want most at a convention: coffee and sugar. In this case, the sugar was in the form of ice cream and sugar-laden toppings. Thanks, Russound. I’ll be back…