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Amazon has announced that the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is now available to stream in 34 countries on Prime Video for the first time ever.
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The folks at Shop Sound&Vision are celebrating Independence Day with their own brand of fireworks. Hundreds of consumer electronics products have been discounted for the holiday...
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There are things we know to be true. Sometimes we don't want to admit they are true. Sometimes we just don't get around to admitting them and instead carry them around as unspoken truths. But when I read the Grace Notes blog yesterday, a truth dawned on me, and now I'm ready to admit it.

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Chinese TV brand TCL and Mohu, maker of flat indoor/outdoorTV antennas and the AirWave wireless antenna/streaming device combo, have teamed up to give away 103 “cord cutting bundles” during the Independence Day holiday week.
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Sound & Vision’s Top Pick designation is reserved for the very best home entertainment has to offer — that is, gear we can recommend without reservation. Among our June Picks is a 4K laser projector that delivers a bright picture with powerful contrast, a high-performance Dolby Vision-compatible 4K Blu-ray player, two uncompromising sets of headphones, and a $350 soundbase (not soundbar) that is so good it’ll blow your mind. Read on but don’t just stop here. Check out our Top Picks page for many more recommendations.
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All boxes checked: no compromises here

Like the selfie-attracting center-piece at the latest hip boutique gallery, the LG HU80K was a piece that was difficult not to pay some attention to at the CES 2018. The attention-hungry black box gradually built up enough buzz during the expo, and eventually won the coveted CES® 2018 Best of Innovation Award. We're unclear of the selfie count, but industry insiders and journalists saw something extraordinary, and as innovation goes, it was not just about the numbers, but a combination of right nudges and attractions that compelled visitors on the show floor to think about building their own lux man cave perfect for flicks.

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Along with a few other changes in categories, the Recording Academy just announced that Surround Sound is out, Immersive Audio is in.

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A secret from her father’s past leads adventure-seeker Lara Croft on one of her greatest challenges. What she seeks to find is the Triangle of Light, a legendary artifact whose power to alter space and time happens only once every 5,000 years. Also in hot pursuit: the Illuminati, a secret society bent on world domination. Lara and her trusty tech-geek sidekick, Bryce, must do everything in their power to stop them.
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As the July 4th holiday nears, we decided to cruise our own Shop Sound & Vision site to see what kind of deals we could rustle up. Here are 10 — five AV receivers and five speaker systems — that are worth a look. All are Sound & Vision Top Picks. Yes, some are older models and a couple are even discontinued, so they won’t be of great interest to those who live on the cutting edge…but it’s hard to ignore those prices. If not for your main system, there might be something here for that second system down the hall or the one in the basement. Or maybe your vacation home. Happy hunting.
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London-based startup Sensible Object has announced the world’s first voice-augmented board game.