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Plama displays may eventually displace projectors and cathode ray tubes as the video display of choice among home theater fans. Major manufacturers are ramping up production of the screens, improving their performance, and lowering prices. Eventually plasma screens will compete on a dollar-per-dollar basis with other video technologies.
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If you're in the market for a disc spinner compatible with all current DVD and CD formats, Theta Digital has just what you're looking for. The Agoura Hills, CA- digital pioneer has announced its new "Carmen" transport, said to be state-of-the-art in third-generation DVD technology.
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Tight punchy bass, incredible clarity, and high efficiency are qualities all home theater fans look for when shopping for loudspeakers. Great sound is important, but the dealmaker is often the speakers' look.
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Build it and they will come&mdash;to take it apart. Modifying original equipment has long been one of the most popular activities among electronics hobbyists. Hard-disk video recorders from <A HREF="">TiVo</A> are the latest consumer-electronics products to go under the hacker's knife and emerge with upgraded capabilities.

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H<I>illary Swank, Chlo&euml; Sevigny, Peter Scarsgard. Directed by Kimberly Pierce. Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital 5.1. 116 minutes. 1999. 20th Century Fox 2000173. R. $34.98.</I>

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Locally broadcast high-definition television <I>won't</I> be coming to a home theater near you anytime soon. That's the consensus of participants and observers at congressional hearings on the subject in late July, when long-simmering disagreement over a technical standard for terrestrial transmission finally got its day in court.

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According to research just released by <A HREF="">Strategy Analytics</A>, manufacturers will increase worldwide shipments of set-top DVD players by 300% this year, while retail revenues across the three major regions (US, Europe, Japan) will rise by 220%, to $7 billion. SA says that this year's market is being driven by the launch of DVD-based games consoles, and that DVD recorders will fuel the momentum from 2001 on.

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West Coast&ndash;based consumer-electronics chain <A HREF="">Good Guys</A> will be one of the first retailers in the nation to carry <A HREF="">Panasonic</A>'s new video recorder. The DMR-E10, capable of recording Dolby Digital 2-track audio and MPEG-2 video, will arrive in all 79 Good Guys locations beginning in late September.

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If it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then <A HREF=""><I>DVD Preview</I></A> is likely the ultimate review "magazine" for new DVD releases. Arriving on newsstands in a cardboard package the size of a small magazine (think <I>The Reader's Digest</I>), <I>DVD Preview</I> bills itself as "a new kind of magazine coming to you on the very medium it reports on." To bring this point home, the magazine's website even has one of the recently minted ".tv" domain names (see <A HREF="">previous story</A>) instead of the ubiquitous ".com."

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Décor-conscious movie buffs dismayed by big, black rear projector sets have something new to look at. Marantz has come up with the PD4290D widescreen plasma monitor--it's only 3.5-inches deep, but offers wide-angle viewing from its 42-inch diagonal screen. Mounted on a wall (with cables hidden) or on its tabletop stand, the $14,999 PD4290D makes an unequivocal statement about melding technology with high style.