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Have you experienced the newest VR technologies, like Apple Vision Pro or Lynx R1? These new generation VR helmets provide some pretty awesome features, the main one being the perception of the actual environment as it is, with superposition of what you want to view. You can be immersed without being disconnected from the external world...
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Patrice Congard, founder and CEO of U.K.-based Screen Audio Excellence, discusses subwoofer placement and the potential pitfalls of phase cancellation in the latest installment of an ongoing tech series, published here with his permission.
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New York-based retailer Adorama is offering an outstanding deal on one of the top speakers made by the legendary speaker company Klipsch.
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It’s no secret that there are a lot of fans of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones who watch the show religiously. But for some, simply watching the show is not enough. We’re talking superfans who want to be transported directly into the world of Westeros, surrounded by the excitement and consumed by the atmosphere — every sound, every visual, and every emotion. Just ask Jacob Abbott, president of Nashville, TN-based custom-electronics design firm Visual Concepts, who worked with a GoT superfan to bring his dreams to life through one truly unique home theater.
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Voice technology is pervading our daily lives in a big way. According to insights from a Nielsen Research survey, at the end of June 2018 24% of U.S. homes owned a smart speaker. If my shoddy math is correct, that’s about 31.5 million smart devices (25% of 126 million homes).
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New York-based retailer Adorama is offering some crazy deals exclusively to Sound& readers on a half-dozen speakers from Polk Audio as we enter into the home stretch of holiday shopping. Discounts range from 58% to a whopping 67% off and include free shipping. Here’s a rundown on the deals . . .
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Shop Sound&Vision has announced a Columbus Day Sale page with deals on AV gear ranging from TVs and AV receivers to speakers, headphones, subwoofers, and more.
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As the 2018 fall school season gets underway, Back to School sales are popping up everywhere, promoting discounts on everything from socks to headphones. The folks at Shop Sound & Vision alerted us that they have created a Back to School Deals page to help students get back in the groove. Here’s a snapshot of a few bargains that might be worth a look.
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Ambient-light-rejecting (ALR) projection screens that picture contrast in spaces that can’t be completely darkened continue to grow in popularity thanks to recent advances in performance and declining prices.
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The folks at Shop Sound&Vision are celebrating Independence Day with their own brand of fireworks. Hundreds of consumer electronics products have been discounted for the holiday...